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Legal software has not been an easy decision in a field that is traditionally slow to adopt change, even when it enhances the client experience. But the modern law firm cannot function without it. Legal technology experts may perform excellent work, concentrate on their clients, and expand their businesses with the assistance of automation, communication tools, and billing platforms.

Here are five ways that new technology increases customer satisfaction and experience.

#1. Enhancing Efficiency, Accessibility, and Communication

Your clients are probably paying a lot more money than they feel comfortable doing so for the services of your legal firm at one of the most stressful moments in their lives. Making this process less stressful for your client is a part of your responsibility as their solicitor.

Using CaseLoad and The Link App puts useful services and innovations for you to exploit in one place. Control your client onboarding, communications, e-Signatures, data collection and much more directly from our platform. Our system is designed to help law firms completely transform your client and professional experience. The best part is that this client portal can be used from the convenience of your client’s home using a mobile app, saving time on waiting, travelling, and handling large files. Do you need more information or papers from your client? Send a download link to them.

Communicating effectively and conveniently strengthens the client relationship. The legal practice management software you use directly reflects how you operate as a firm and as a solicitor, and clear, regular communication demonstrates that you have nothing to hide.

#2. E-signatures and File Sharing Made Easier

Every lawyer can relate to the frustration of creating a time-sensitive document, sending it to the client for review and signature, and then having to wait while they wait for them to print, sign, scan, and email it back.

However, this issue is resolved by Denovo’s case management system because of a seamless Signable integration interface. Produce the necessary documentation in CaseLoad, and email it to your client. They can sign your paper with the click of a button, even from a mobile device, and you’ll be alerted as soon as it’s done. Denovo also automatically saves a copy of the relevant item as an event within the matter, so you never have to search through physical files again for signed documents.

#3. Inbox Management to Keep Track of Important Emails

Some lawyers understand the value of a clean inbox more than family lawyers, who frequently manage up to 30–40 cases at once. It is impossible to manually keep track of every message due to the sheer volume of communication, particularly important ones that could make or break a case.

Lawyers and their support teams must save each email, convert it to a PDF, and store it on their computer if there is no integrated system in place. And it’s simply impossible when you receive hundreds of new emails daily.

The email management tools from Denovo are fully compatible with Microsoft Outlook, saving and filing each message to the relevant matter directly. Everyone in your company has access, ensuring that everyone is notified and on the same page.

#4. Enhancing Precision and Developing Trust

Every business relationship is built on trust, and accuracy is the first step in developing trust. In a court document, it just takes one factual or spelling error to lose confidence. Furthermore, mistakes are unavoidable if businesses use copy-paste to fill out various legal papers.

Finding and replacing very simple items in a final divorce settlement, such as the client’s name, the name of the opposing counsel, and the name of the opposing party, probably takes the first 15 minutes. The main issue is that human mistakes will always occur.

Due to the fact that people aren’t filling out legal paperwork, Denovo’s document management and smart event task automation technologies reduce human error. Instead, each form is filled out by the legal case management software using information that has already been entered into the relevant CaseLoad file. You avoid wasted time and costly mistakes. Additionally, you save time as w allowing you to choose which tasks to automate. This will give you the automation you would typically find in a workflow but shrink wrapped into selectable options to be deployed as and when you see fit and not when a workflow dictates. We can bundle up a whole variety of documents/actions/processes into smart events for you and tailor them to your needs. This is all done as part of the consultancy and set up process prior to you going live with Denovo.

#5. Time Tracking Enables Precise and Quicker Billing

The odd lawyer is the one who realises at the end of the week that they haven’t recorded the time spent communicating with clients via email, producing documents, or participating in conference calls. According to numerous studies, the typical lawyer only bills for roughly two hours daily, losing out on huge income.

You always waste time because you forget something or take longer than you intended to complete a task. With this type of time-tracking software, Denovo legal software helps eliminate that problem because it has already been logged for you.

You may easily increase your daily billable hours with Denovo’s legal billing software without doing any extra work. This is because every minute spent working in the system is automatically recorded by our legal practise management software. The progressive breakdown of daily work makes it simple to transfer them to customer invoicing. Client retention rates rise, and the payment process moves more quickly because clients have a clear understanding of your job and can trust that they are getting value for their money.

If you are interested in improving your client relationships by introducing fully customisable software, designed to truly make your life easier, get in touch today. Email info@denovobi.com or call us on 0141 331 5290.

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