Why choose Denovo Legal Software?

Bespoke & Customisable Software

  • We’ll find the right features for your law firm and build a bespoke software package to remove unnecessary manual and administrative tasks.
  • We’ll build a software package specifically for the size of your firm and your work types.
  • We are open to integrating with 3rd party providers to deliver an enriched experience for our law firm partners.

Training & Support

  • Customised, firm specific training sessions providing you with practical, applicable skills, and develop lifelong habits to benefit your law firm.
  • Our promise to you is to keep in touch and support your law firm as regularly as you would like. You can always speak to a person to get the help you need.
  • We will update you with progress reports and be there as you grow with the software.


Whole Practice Management Legal Software

Everything in one place

As a start-up law firm or a firm introducing legal tech for the first time to modernise your practice, we know your preference is…

  • To have everything you need in one place, in one system.
  • To have a Case Management System that works seamlessly with industry leading Legal Accounts System.
  • To have 100% compliance with both SRA and Law Society Regulations Accounts Rules.
  • To have the ability to customise the software for your size of practice.
  • To have an system that is simple to use, built in an environment you will be very familiar with.

Elspeth Talbot from Ralston’s Solicitors says…

“We are a small independent firm based in Glasgow. I always thought that case management software was out of my price range as a start-up sole practitioner. CaseLoad by Denovo has changed my mind. I’ve signed up and raring to go!”

How can you help me introduce legal software?

Our job is all about understanding your business plan, your objectives and your vision.

  • We’ll work in partnership with you to give you the best system that works for your practice.
  • We package that up with a strategic plan to ensure you get the most value from the software.
  • We believe that effective, personal communication and support is essential to making this partnership work.
  • Our support service is staffed by experienced Legal Software Training Specialists, SOLAS qualified Legal Cashiers, Law Accountants, qualified Bookkeepers, Legal Document Specialists and Software Implementation Project Experts.
  • Our team also includes lawyers, who have years of law firm experience, so they understand exactly what you and your firm need to succeed.


Our On-boarding Process

  • 1

    Client Survey

    We will arrange a series of consultancies with your firm. Initially, gathering information to set up your software, establish best contacts, understand your needs and let us do what we do best.

  • 2

    Data Discovery

    To establish if there is a need for any existing data to be converted, transferred or moved to your
    Denovo software.

  • 3

    Training and Implementation

    Agree a timeframe for build and delivery of your cloud server and delivery of your training.

  • 4


    Delivery of your cloud/software solution; progressing your training path and getting you settled in to your new way of working.

  • 5

    Progress Review

    After 2 months we will contact you to determine if the software is working the way you need it to.

    After 6 months we will provide you with stats and determine whether you are ready to do more.

    12 months in we will review how far you’ve come, advise on areas of improvement and make your Denovo solution even better.

Our Partnership Promise

  • Ensure you are satisfied with your system and our support.
  • Check up on your training and advanced training needs periodically.
  • Provide any consultancy and additional support services you require.
  • Check if you require any modifications or specialist development to your system and its workflows.
  • Advise you of forthcoming improvements, modifications and extensions to the capability of the software.
  • Seek your feedback on improvements and new additions you wish to see to help us develop the software for the future.

Practice Areas

Our software covers all work types

We’re the complete whole practice management solution. Here are some examples of how our software can be used for specific practice areas.

Practice Area Demos


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