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We know that a Family Law Firm has many different types of new cases walking through the door. That’s why we make sure you can handle them all specifically with tailored matter types for divorces, custody and child support issues, guardianships, adoptions, and many more. Track the information you need and keep your family law department organised and streamlined.  

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This is how simple it is for our Case Management software solution to make your Family Law Practice more efficient.

Family Law Software

Key Features

Client Onboarding

Never has the client onboarding process been more important. In a digital world you can onboard, AML check and e-sign your clients in minutes. Clients expect to be updated every step of the way CaseLoad allows you to carry out those tasks with ease allowing every client to feel as special as the next. 

Document Automation

Most law firms are document heavy, meaning there is a high chance for error when typing and re-typing information related to family law work. With Caseload Document Production both simple and complex documents smartly use the information and data in CaseLoad to save time and eliminate errors from inaccurate document creation. 

Data Pages

Details matter in family law firm files; data pages mean you can collect all the information you need such as marriage details. 

CaseLoad Matter Screen houses all information pertinent to a family law file. That information can be used to create automated documents and run reports. We can configure any required work types for different areas of a family practice.

Task Assignment

Assign tasks using Smart Events or Document Production to members of your team or yourself. 
Enhanced event/task creation is available to allow different work types to create their own workflow style automated events without needing to be stuck in a rigid flow process.  

Collaborate the Document Bundle with Third Parties

Our integration with Bundledocs means your file can be made into a court approved electronic court bundle in a matter of minutes when you upload all documents & events from the matter. Once it becomes and fully indexed bundle you can then share with third parties for them to view, collaborate or download.  

Move seamlessly between Caseload and Microsoft Word

The faster you can build and get documents out the door with the help of legal document software, the more volume you can take and the more profit for your firm 

Legal document automation is even tracked by CaseLoad Time Recording so you know exactly how much to charge the client as soon as you complete the document.  


Your time matters

Getting access to your client files, matters and deadlines on the go, from anywhere, any time is more crucial than ever. It makes running your law firm easier.

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