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  • Introducing Legal Software…

    We have everything you need to run your law firm from anywhere on any device. Cloud-based Practice Management, Case Management, Legal Accounts and Outsourced Cashroom Services.

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  • Changing my Legal Software….

    Changing your Legal Software is not as challenging , time consuming or disruptive as you might think. We’re here to help every step of the way.

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  • Outsource my Cashroom…

    We’re here to support you if your cashier has moved on or retired, if you are starting up a new firm, you require temporary cover or you are just looking for a way to streamline your Cashroom.

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See how our legal software solutions help you build the most successful law firm.

  • Legal Case Management Software

    Fully customisable case management software that allows you to manage your matters efficiently from start to finish.

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  • Legal Accounts Softwware

    Fully integrated and compliant, industry leading legal accounting software which allows for regional functionality across the UK.

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  • Outsourced Cashroom Services

    Support if your cashier has moved on or retired, you’re starting up a new firm, need temporary cover or you are looking to streamline.

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  • Legal Software in the Cloud

    Cloud-based legal software allows you to access applications and services via the Web, allowing you to work from any location on any device.

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Outsourced Cashroom Services

Outsourcing the Cashroom function of your business can save on costs, time, and reduce tedious, but extremely important, daily duties which can be delegated to your own outsourced cashier. An Outsourced Cashroom adds a team of highly trained Cashiers to supplement your existing team. They exist to support you to streamline your Cashroom if your cashier has moved on or retired, or if you are starting up a new firm.

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  • “The decision to have CaseLoad as our Practice Management System is one of the best business decisions we've made. The system should be used by all legal practices. It's easy to use and to put it simply, we could not carry out the volume, nor the quality of work we need to without Denovo.”

    Ross Yuill, Director , The Glasgow Law Practice

  • “We’ve always used Denovo’s Cashroom since we started our firm. It’s been a huge benefit because Denovo just take care of that for us. The Law Society put their trust in them, so we’re more than happy to do the same.”

    Greg Whyte , Partner, Jones Whyte Law

  • “I always thought that case management software was out of my price range as a part time sole practitioner. CaseLoad by Denovo has changed my mind. I’ve signed up and raring to go!”

    Elspeth Talbot, Director , Ralston’s Solicitors

  • “Denovo Cashroom Services provide us flexible, professional and knowledgeable services with a real friendly and personal touch, delivering a compliant finance function.”

    Diane Ireland , Legal Process Engineer , Inksters Solicitors

  • “We were delighted with Scott’s training as he gave a calm, orderly set of expert instructions, and allowed me and my team to contextualise appropriately. Everyone was very grateful.”

    Austin Lafferty , Partner/Director, Austin Lafferty Solicitors

  • “Using a solution like Amiqus which is approved by the Law Society helps to give confidence that our business and reputation is adequately protected from financial crime. The integration has helped us a lot. Being able to run ID Checks via the files and then saving them into Denovo automatically has been a really good addition.”

    Mark McBride, Director , Wallace Quinn Solicitors

  • “Fundamental to our success is the ability to receive in-depth KPI Reporting. Measuring departmental performance has never been this simple.”

    Peter Mason , Director , Macleod & MacCallum

  • “If you are thinking about changing your case management software, I would encourage you to consider Denovo. It has worked very well for us and I can’t recommend the software and the team highly enough.”

    Brian Inkster , Founder , Inksters Solicitors

  • “We’ve almost completely removed the need for paper files and noticed a significant improvement in our efficiency since introducing CaseLoad. We are spending less money on printing, stamps, staff and we have saved a lot of time that used to be spent on administration. Having client files on an iPad at court rather than relying on paper files has also been fantastic”

    Matthew McGovern, Criminal Partner, McGovern Reid

  • “During lockdown Denovo have been a lifesaver. Having the ability to work from anywhere, using CaseLoad on the Cloud, allowed us to operate efficiently while our team worked remotely. ”

    Andrew Pollock, Partner , Peacock Johnston

  • “Moving to Denovo Business Intelligence was the best thing we ever did.”

    Colin Simpson , Founder , RSC Solicitors

  • “No one can touch Denovo in terms of whole practice management.”

    Glyn Llewellyn, Director , Mortons Solicitors

  • “WIP Reports in CaseLoad are fantastic!”

    Gavin Hamilton, Partner, Iain Smith & Partners

  • “Similar organisations who were looking at Denovo or cloud case management services should remove the fear that they have about the uncertainty about cloud. It’s simple and straight forward, anybody can use it and, to me, it is one the the most valuable parts of my business.”

    Graeme Brown , Solicitor ,

  • “We were able to implement our business continuity plan to enable 95% of our team to work remotely within 24hrs. This would not have been possible without Denovo. Seamless use of case management software, Outlook, Teams and technical support all on the cloud.”

    Ian McNaull, Director of Operations, Jones Whyte Law

  • “This was an informative course which, if I’m honest, I thought was going to be extremely boring. I was pleasantly surprised at how interesting it was.”

    Miller Becket and Jackson

  • “This is a great case management system. I'm really enjoying the experience.”

    Euan MacDonald , Stewart and Bennett

  • “For firms moving from manual conveyancing or low level software to CaseLoad the increase in capacity and scope for increasing profitability is significant. ”

    Robert Fitzpatrick , Senior Partner/Director , GLP on Demand

  • “Like many Civil Litigators, I was frustrated by the time-consuming and tedious methods of running a Civil Litigation firm while using a manual case management system. After struggling for months with impractical and inefficient processes, everything changed when we discovered CaseLoad.”

    Greg Whyte , Partner , Jones Whyte Law

  • “Very clear, helpful, informative and patient. The training day gave us a great overview and starting point to get the best out of our Denovo software.”


  • “I have to say your online training videos are fantastic! Please do more!”

    Melanie Roberts , Director , Melrose & Porteous

  • “Denovo’s team of legal tech experts ensure that the functionality of their software focuses on the day-to-day requirements of the private client community. We have worked closely with them and trust them to provide practical guidance and advice when using technology for Private Client law.”

    Elspeth Talbot, Director , Ralston’s Solicitors

  • “Using Smart Events in CaseLoad allowed us to reduce the time spent creating Client Care Packs down from 45 minutes to 45 seconds! The software gives us back valuable, fee earning time. It's incredible to think we used to do this any other way.”

    Angela Ashcroft, Director , Mortons Solicitors


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