A one stop shop for all features related to Executry estate administration in one easy to use window

CaseLoad reimagines a full solution for administering Executries to easily create and work with full and complex estates, as well as all the assets, such as property, any bank or building society accounts, insurance policies, premium bonds, and personal effects.

Executry software will make your life easier

Production of Inventory

The software module boasts specific tools to help automate the production of the Inventory, Petition and other Tax Forms, along with tools to record all the assets and liabilities of an estate, automated matching to receipts and payments – including seamless integration with the Legal Accounts solution. Automated generation of the Final Account of Charge and Discharge or Capital, Income and Distribution.

Our leading legal practice management software really has all the components to help your law firm deliver the service your clients expect.

Additional Functionality

Executry Calculations

Executry Legal Case Management Software – Our Executry legal software includes financial profiles for relevant parties, providing automatic calculations and recalculations, sensitive to data being entered into the system.

Calculations include:

  • Asset listing with income posting, showing probate / accrued / realised / income
  • Full beneficiary details with legacy % revenue and totals after interim payments
  • Liabilities listing
  • Summary of chargeable estate and tax liability
  • IHT corrective accounts
  • Asset / liabilities / legacy / income and expenditure summary reports
  • Individual share allocations, calculated to 3 decimal places

Increasing Fee Earning Potential

Reduce Risk & Save Time

Our Executry solution will give you peace of mind and substantially improve risk assessment and overall management of the process by providing automatic production of letters and forms and populates the required data directly into HMRC tax forms. Increasing Solicitor Fee Earning potential the whole process of automation of workflow by CaseLoad Executry lends itself to increased involvement by unqualified staff (including supervision and monitoring tools and reports for partners) thus releasing Fee Earners to deal with other fee generating work.


Full Integration

With Legal Accounts Software

The Executry system can work alone or seamlessly with our Legal Accounts interface, harnessing the existing power and functionality of Denovo but introducing a powerful, highly automated Executry tool. It offers an extra layer of functionality on top of the already powerful Client Relationship Management and Case Management tools offered by the Denovo solution.

Tech Talk – Executry Webinar

Our Executry webinar below showcases how we are revolutionising the way you approach the Executry Process. During the webinar we dive into the intricacies of Executry management using our cutting-edge case management software, CaseLoad.

We cover the following topics:

  1. Unlocking True Insight: Discover the pivotal benefits of integrating inventory items into CaseLoad. Learn how this feature provides an accurate and comprehensive overview of the executry, enabling you to make informed decisions with confidence.
  2. Harnessing Document Automation: We explore the dynamic capabilities of document automation and its transformative impact on your workflow. Streamline routine tasks, cut down on manual effort, and mitigate potential risks, all while maintaining top-tier quality in your work.
  3. Seamless HMRC Form Generation: Witness the power of generating HMRC forms with unparalleled speed and precision. Discover how Denovo’s software can help you produce these forms in mere seconds, saving valuable time and significantly reducing the risk of data input errors.

By watching this video, you will:

  • Grasp the significance of incorporating inventory items in CaseLoad to gain a holistic view of the Executry process.
  • Uncover the potential of document automation in simplifying tasks and enhancing your practice’s efficiency.
  • Learn the art of generating HMRC forms in seconds, minimising errors and increasing productivity.

Benefits of using Executry Software in CaseLoad

  • Estate Management – Assets, Additional Estate, Sundry Receipts Debts of Deceased, Expenses of Administration, Expenses of Heritage, Funeral Expenses Inheritent Tax, Lifetime Gifts Executors, Beneficiaries, Contacts, Specific Legatees, Pecuniary Legacies, Prior & Legal Rights Full Deceased Details and Beneficiary Interim Payments.
  • Reporting – Asset Listings, Beneficiary Income Accounts, Capital Account Debts of Deceased, Estate at Date of Death, Expenses of Administration, Expenses of Heritage General Interest, Income Account, Lifetime Gifts, Pecuniary Legacies Account.
  • Document Management – Create hard-copy and email based communications for Executors, Beneficiaries and Contacts. Send letters and emails to companies for Assets and Expenses. View Matter Events & Postings (including unposted items such as Requisition Slips) from the one place. Easily create Requisition Slips for the Cashroom for each Asset or Expense. Easy to read visual indicators of the number and value of Assets, Debts, Expenses & Distribution.
  • HMRC Forms – Faster HMRC PDF creation. Native PDFs, no overwriting Templates. C1 – C5 Forms. IHT 30 – 217 Forms IHT 401 – 420. Forms IHT 421 – 436 Forms.
  • Compatibility – Fully compatible with the previous Denovo Executry Builder, so all your previous data is retained, and can continue to be used.

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