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Our business and our legal software has a long way in the last few years…

5 key moments

It’s been an incredible journey so far…

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    Our founder, George Blair, set out to successfully provide law firms with smart business solutions that boost the bottom line, improve office efficiency, and maintain Law Society compliance. It was that simple. Little did he know then that this would be the beginning of a 40 year journey. It all started with providing law firms with legal accounting machines, printers and personal computers.

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    Ground-breaking introduction of new Executry module in Legal Intelligence Software.  Adding the ability to capture all estate information in easy to navigate cases, adding details on beneficiaries, assets, and liabilities.  This came with the ability to have HMRC forms generated from within the software and populated with data from the case.

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    We announced the immediate availability of the Denovo Intelligent Cloud Software as a Service. Intelligent Cloud delivered an unrivalled set of features available wherever you are, whatever the device you use.  Full Legal Case Management, Accounts, Time Recording, Legal Aid, Executry and Storage. On launch the system linked seamlessly with most smart phones, iPhones and iPads, etc. This meant that you could work on the move for the first time.

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    In 2019 and we embarked on an ambitious software development plan and completely re-designed our software from the ground up. Our efforts listening, working, and innovating with law firms meant we integrated our technology into the DNA of legal practices. As a result, we would now have a very modern, scalable, feature rich suite of software designed for law firms of all sizes.


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    Step forward into 2023 and our software can now cover all the departments within a legal firm from Accounts, Case Management, Workflow, Cashroom, Executry and more. We now have the widest range of choice within the one suite of software. All features are fully customisable to the way your law firm operates. Over the years the software has changed but our objective is and has always remained the same –  give lawyers more time to spend with their clients, automate their processes to help manage their businesses, have a more productive working day and to get some of their personal time back.

A bit more about us…

Our Company

We are a market leading legal software provider which designs and develops whole practice management software solutions and services for law firms in the UK.

The software is based on a SaaS model with a monthly fee for each user license, along with expert training and support services. We are trusted partners of our law firm clients, passionate about our product and services and supportive of our customer’s needs. We deliver a best in market customer experience through the onboarding journey and beyond.

We are the software of choice and trusted partners of hundreds of UK law firms.

Our Mission

Make lawyers lives easier.

Our Vision 

All lawyers need to concern themselves with is dealing with their clients.

Our Aim

Our aim is to remove all obstacles and unnecessary manual tasks to allow legal practitioners to focus on serving their clients and the law.

Our Experience

We’ve been doing this for a while! With over 40 years of experience, we understand our law firm partners have specific business objectives. You want to run a streamlined, profitable practice, offering clients an exemplary level of customer service, whilst getting some of your own time back. Our job is to deliver that for every law firm we partner with.

Our Partnership Strategy

We focus on listening and understanding your business model, your clients and your business objectives to inform a digital strategy that is geared towards long-term success. We aim to make lawyers and their support teams the innovators to build a true partnership which brings your law firm closer together and builds bridges to improve your client experience. This partnership doesn’t stop once you go live, we’re in this together, with full, proactive support from a dedicated support team, who give you the digital expertise you need to build a software platform fully customised for your practice areas.

Our Ambition

Legal Tech will no longer be considered an add-on to your business. Our technology will be woven into the fabric of how you law firm operates. It is an investment in your firms future. We intend to provide our law firm partners with the best software experience from beginning to end, with a smart, customisable product, easy-to-use interface, clear simple processes and the best personal support.



What is Denovo’s mission?

Make Lawyers lives easier.

Our team

The people who make the business a success

The ethos of Denovo has always been to focus on the fact that our team are not just a group of people who work together. It’s a group of people who trust each other. We treat our law firm partners in the exact same way.

Working life

What’s it like working with Denovo?

It’s a good time (we have a games room and some cracking cake makers!). It’s hard work. It’s full of positive vibes. Of course it can be challenging, but the rewards of working with some of the most loyal, smart, supportive people make every hurdle easier to jump. If you’re looking for a team of people who put the customer at the centre of everything they do, you’re in the right place.

The difference

Our People

We are often asked what the single unique selling point of our business is. There is one simple answer – Our Team. The people are the lifeblood of Denovo. Of course many businesses out there have great teams but we like to think we try a bit harder than the rest. Our people are the reason why law firms love working with us. Yeah, our software is great but without these incredible people we would simply be a software provider. We are so much more.

Our Values & Culture

  • Trust is everything to us
  • Executional excellence is at our core
  • Honest, open, ethical, and fair
  • Passion is at our heart
  • We empower our clients and their teams
  • We encourage healthy debate and differences of opinion
  • Our clients are the source of our creative thinking
  • Our clients are the source of our creative thinking
  • Diversity makes us stronger and more creative
  • Keeping things simple is the key
  • We create an environment where our people can enjoy their work
  • “We were delighted with Scott’s training as he gave a calm, orderly set of expert instructions, and allowed me and my team to contextualise appropriately. Everyone was very grateful.”

    Austin Lafferty , Partner/Director, Austin Lafferty Solicitors

  • “I have to say your online training videos are fantastic! Please do more!”

    Melanie Roberts , Director , Melrose & Porteous

  • “Very clear, helpful, informative and patient. The training day gave us a great overview and starting point to get the best out of our Denovo software.”


  • “This was an informative course which, if I’m honest, I thought was going to be extremely boring. I was pleasantly surprised at how interesting it was.”

    Miller Becket and Jackson

  • “This is a great case management system. I'm really enjoying the experience.”

    Euan MacDonald , Stewart and Bennett


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