Practice Management Software streamlines the nuts and bolts of running a law firm so you can run a profitable business and focus on getting results for your clients.

By centralising all the elements of your workflow into one legal practice management software solution and customising them to your clients, matters, practice, and courts, CaseLoad can help seamlessly strategise, execute, and deliver success in Civil Litigation.

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Civil Litigation Software

Key Features

Time Recording

Every action in CaseLoad can be timed, tracked and billed. Time Record quickly and efficiently in events, Court Diary or in your Timesheet. Tracked time can go directly onto a client bill or can be adjusted to give you flexibility on how each client is billed. 

Email Communication

A law firm deals with thousands of emails per day. CaseLoad’s email import features allow all staff members to see the latest email on a file means that your entire team can have informed conversations with clients or simply pick up where someone else left off. 

Event Navigation & Categorisation

CaseLoad keeps all your pleadings, discovery and correspondence in one place with the ability to perform searches on every item in the matter. 
Use Event tags to keep track of important milestones in the case making the search of the file a much simpler task for anyone viewing. 

Court Diary

Running around from client to client is what you do 
CaseLoad’s Court Diary is transparent to your whole team, collaborative, and easy to view from anywhere. With our Civil Law software calendaring features, everyone is in the loop.

Creating Court Bundles

All your important files & document already exist in CaseLoad. Uploading them to Bundledocs organizes them into a neat, numbered, indexed and sectioned booklet in minutes. Instantly ready to save, share or print. No matter how big or small, you can change in seconds. Simple, easy to use, time-saving and massively efficient for law firms of all sizes.  

Civil Online

Our integration with The Scottish Courts & Tribunals Service is designed for law firms and means they can now transfer simple procedure applications from our cloud-based legal practice management system directly into Civil Online.

This will create your claim in Civil Online and show you the status of the claim. 

  • “Like many Civil Litigators, I was frustrated by the time-consuming and tedious methods of running a Civil Litigation firm while using a manual case management system. After struggling for months with impractical and inefficient processes, everything changed when we discovered CaseLoad.”

    Greg Whyte , Partner , Jones Whyte Law

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