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In short, our case management software, CaseLoad, provides a set of tools for the fee earners and support staff to undertake administrative tasks. This includes time recording and billing, court diary management, case bundle preparation, document production, document management, legal accounts/billing, and more.

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Criminal Law Software

Key Features

Key Features

Time Recording & Billing

Every action in Caseload can be timed, tracked and billed. Time Record quickly and efficiently in events, Court Diary or in your Timesheet. Tracked time can go directly onto a client bill or can be adjusted to give you flexibility on how each client is billed. 

Event Navigation & Categorisation

CaseLoad keeps all your pleadings, discovery and correspondence in one place with the ability to perform searches on every item in the matter. 
Use Event tags to keep track of important milestones in the case making the search of the file a much simpler task for anyone viewing. 

Email Communication

A law firm deals with thousands of emails per day. CaseLoad’s email import features allow all staff members to see the latest email on a file means that your entire team can have informed conversations with clients or simply pick up where someone else left off. 

Creating Court Bundles

All your important files & document already exist in CaseLoad. Upload them to Bundledocs organizes them into a neat, numbered, indexed and sectioned booklet in minutes. Instantly ready to save, share or print. No matter how big or small, you can change in seconds. Simple, easy to use, time-saving and massively efficient.  

Court Diary Management

Running around from client to client is what you do. CaseLoad’s Court Diary is transparent to your whole team, collaborative, and easy to view from anywhere. With our family law software calendaring features, everyone is in the loop. 


Upload to LAA online (England only)

To aid the management of bulk criminal defence, via Caseload criminal law firms can perform their monthly bulk upload to Legal Aid Agency (LAA) online and also use reports to compare the figures submitted to the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) against the amounts received in the monthly payments. 

The monthly submission is quick and easy and generates a wealth of reports to verify information is submitted correctly to the LAA. 

  • “We’ve almost completely removed the need for paper files and noticed a significant improvement in our efficiency since introducing CaseLoad. We are spending less money on printing, stamps, staff and we have saved a lot of time that used to be spent on administration. Having client files on an iPad at court rather than relying on paper files has also been fantastic”

    Matthew McGovern, Criminal Partner, McGovern Reid

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