How it works


CaseLoad & Signable make it easy to send documents
straight to your clients’ inbox to be electronically signed.

Signable offers:
• Easy to understand electronic signature software
• Flexible pricing envelopes are charged Pay As You Go
• Simple mobile-friendly signing, send and sign
documents on the go from any device
• Unlimited users
• No annual contract commitments

Your Clients will love using Signable e-Signature

  • 80%

    of agreements completed in less than a day.

  • 44%

    of agreements completed in less than 15 minutes.

CaseLoad Integration

All document status updates are returned to CaseLoad in events.

Know when the document is viewed, opened & signed.

Completed documents are then downloaded automatically into CaseLoad as soon as the signature takes place.

Send Documents in seconds.

Pre-configured templates are added in CaseLoad
so the only choice you have to make is which
client & matter and which document are you
submitting for signature.

Watch this video

Watch our video to see Signable e-Signature in action

Smart Events

Send multiple document packs at the touch of a
button from within the matter.
All email communication is also templated so
within seconds the document pack can be on
it’s way to the client with full instructions on
what they do next.

To find out more about Smart Events click here.

Collect client data & documents

Using fields in templated documents we can have
required/optional data for clients to complete and
bring that data back into CaseLoad.
Upload functions allow clients to submit
documents which are included in the completed
document pack.

We partner with….

The Law Society of Scotland’s e-Signature Guide

This guide will provide assistance to members on the electronic signing of documents, covering the relevant law and potential risks. With increasing numbers of people working remotely, organisations are updating their procedures for how documents and contracts can be signed and concluded.

Guide to electronic signatures ⟶

Benefits of using CaseLoad and Signable

  • Signable helps businesses to meet the legal requirements of electronic signing processes in legal legislation around the world and adheres to the European Union’s eIDAS regulation.
  • We keep your data and documents secure and record every action of the document signing process. With our audit trails, you can keep track of everything you worked on and all the different parties involved, providing a detailed overview of every step of the signing process.
  • Signable follow and exceed the legal requirements a document must meet to be legally accepted.
  • No monthly fee and No annual contract commitment. Envelopes sent from CaseLoad are billed at 50p per envelope on a Pay as you Go basis.
  • Signature Caseload templates are pre-configured to allow signature fields to be inserted into the document already, we can support multiple signers across several documents.


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