CaseLoad Time Recording

A streamlined system that delivers.

Lots of legal software providers can help you Time Record, but CaseLoad has added benefits for any size of firm – from Sole Practioners to Commercial Firms, Legal Aid to Private Client.


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Let us show you how easy it is to Time Record with CaseLoad

Record time to a matter with ease

Select from a handy drop down of preconfigured time changes. Auto narratives complete the entry to mean just a unit change is required. All time entries automatically update to the event history.



Time Recording in CaseLoad will not only help you to calculate time spent on specific tasks or a whole project, it also makes the invoicing and billing process easy.

Regardless of how the solicitor bills clients, hourly or flat rates, the workflow is automated to track working hours, create invoices and generate reports.

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Let us show you how to view time spent by fee earner.

Benefits of recording your time with CaseLoad

  • Customised Fee Structures to deliver what you want
  • Flat Rate or Sliding Scale fees to suit all staff levels and roles
  • Variable Work In Progress (WIP) limits per case
  • Visuals showing where you are within, approaching or exceeding limits (indicators for Interim billing)
  • Highlighting where your time overlaps
  • Legal Aid Fee Table configuration
  • Include Outlays in your WIP figure to give ‘true’ expenditure per case


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