Smart Event Task Automation

Streamlined Legal Software Automation

We’ll customise the software allowing you to choose which tasks to automate. This will give you the automation you would typically find in a workflow but shrink wrapped into selectable options to be deployed as and when you see fit and not when a workflow dictates. We can bundle up a whole variety of actions/processes into smart events for you and tailor them to your needs. This is all done as part of the consultancy and set up process prior to you going live with Denovo.

Workflow style automation

  • Create

    Multiple document packs to leads or clients

  • Onboard

    Digital onboarding of clients in minutes

  • Communicate

    Automated events to trigger the next message

  • Update

    Planned events can trigger any action to keep clients regularly updated

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Let us show you how to create a Smart Event and Automate your Tasks

How it works

Creating a Smart Event

We can create a new client smart event which when selected creates your TOB, Fee Estimate with correct charges and Money Laundering information. Smart Events can then be packaged up into one prepopulated email to the client and create a follow up reminder for 7 days’ time to follow up with the next action.

How it works

Enhance Manual Processes

Workflow scenarios for law firms who don’t want a full-blown workflow.

You can enhance repetitive manual tasks by packaging multiple documents & procedures into one event process.

Smart Events can even package an envelope of documents to send off to the client via DocuSign or Signable.

  • “Using Smart Events in CaseLoad allowed us to reduce the time spent creating Client Care Packs down from 45 minutes to 45 seconds! The software gives us back valuable, fee earning time. It's incredible to think we used to do this any other way.”

    Angela Ashcroft, Director , Mortons Solicitors

Benefits of using Smart Event Task Automation

  • Create Lead/Client/Matter Documents and/or Emails
  • Create and assign additional Events to Users.
  • Open or complete fields for Data Pages.
  • Run an action when an Email is Imported
  • Create and send Text Messages
  • Update Calendars
  • Open web pages


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