You can now use DocuSign to complete approvals and agreements in minutes or hours—not days—from almost anywhere in the world. Quickly and securely access and sign documents. Easily upload and send documents for others to sign. Send reminders and check signing status almost any time.

Integrated to Caseload document production you can send documents out for signature in seconds, to single or multiple signers and even use Smart Events or workflows to automate a whole package of documents on the one action.

DocuSign is changing how business gets done by empowering anyone to transact anytime, anywhere, on any device with trust and confidence. DocuSign keeps your firm moving forward.

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Amiqus are helping businesses tackle the conventional method of AML checking. Traditionally this requires the client to go into the lawyer’s practice with all of their documentation and dealing with the inconvenience of taking time off work and out of their day to travel in. You don't want to frustrate a new client at the first stage before you've started to work on the things that matter. This is a hassle under normal circumstances, but at the moment, moving around as freely as that is completely restricted by our government.

For the firm it also means that they are waiting and can't proceed with billable work. Using Amiqus allows a firm's clients to complete their checks from the comfort of their own home and their lawyers can spend less time doing paperwork and more time doing what they do best: supporting their clients through big life events.

We recently joined forces with Amiqus ID to create an integration that saves time, reduces risk and speeds up the client onboarding process.

The integration allows Amiqus to communicate workflows, risk assessments, and client data with CaseLoad meaning that you’ll save yourself duplication of effort & time on the admin-front in order to dedicate it to your clients & provide the level of service that they expect.

To find out more about Amiqus visit or view our Amiqus feature article

Scottish Courts & Tribunals Service

Denovo have joined forces with Scottish Courts & Tribunals Service - enabling cases to proceed end to end online.

Following the rollout to case management providers Denovo are pleased to announce that CaseLoad is now fully compatible with Civil Online - a fully digital service for simple procedure cases, enabling cases to proceed from end to end online.

The new Application Programming Interface (API) has recently been developed to allow legal firms to transfer simple procedure applications from their internal case management systems directly into Civil Online.

Steven Hill, Operation Director at Denovo, said; “With the deadline just past (1st December 2020) for all claims to be made electronically we felt it was important to be involved early on and build the interface within Caseload to make sure firms are able to submit claims and have the information pulled through from the matter and have the submission reference stored in our case management system.”
Denovo have been working closely with SCTS and now any firm using Caseload can now start to submit Simple Procedure Claims from within the Case Management System.

If you are looking to get setup to submit Simple Procedure Claims from Denovo please get in touch by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling 0141 331 5290.

Hey Legal

Denovo entered into a strategic partnership with one of the most innovative tech brands to enter the Scottish legal market in some time. Hey Legal is a mobile-first education platform, offering CPD and everyday learning to Scottish lawyers. Hey Legal aims to build a community around learning across a diverse range of topics.

Hey is a legal education company which will help lawyers to learn about every aspect of their careers, including:

⦁ Law
⦁ Health and Wellbeing
⦁ Technology
⦁ Business Planning
⦁ Marketing
⦁ Self -Improvement
⦁ Interviews with legal sector and business sector leaders
⦁ Corporate Social Responsibility
We purchased two licenses for all of our new and existing partners to use for a period of 12 months - free of charge. The objective? To give lawyers the opportunity to save money and time, and to introduce new ideas and thinking into the law firms they work with through the diverse topics covered by Hey Legal.

To find out more about Hey Legal visit


We have partnered with Bundledocs, the cloud-first document bundling software provider, to drive efficiency and save hours of time creating court bundles.

With over 900 clients across 34 countries, Bundledocs has become the market leader in the electronic document production space, working primarily with the legal sector. The platform allows law firms to take documents from anywhere and organise them into a neat, numbered, indexed, and sectioned booklet in minutes. The integration means firms can be more efficient, with no printing, increasing productivity and enhancing data security.

“We want to ensure we are giving our law firm partners an opportunity to be as efficient as possible,” said Steven Hill, Operations Director at Denovo. Steven added: “The Bundledocs process takes all the pain out of ensuring that bundles are created on time and paginated properly. Denovo users can now effortlessly upload matter files directly from CaseLoad into specific sections of their bundle. Once uploaded a complete bundle can be created in minutes. It simplifies a time-consuming task that up until now required too much manpower, supervision and negatively hits a firms’ profit margin - not to mention the environmental impact.”

Commenting on the partnership, Brian Kenneally, CEO of Bundledocs, said: “We are delighted to partner with Denovo, offering the benefits of Bundledocs to their customer base. This integration will provide further efficiencies for customers, allowing traditionally paper-heavy sectors such as the legal profession to move to a cloud-first, completely paperless collaborative workflow.”

Bundledocs’ easy-to-use software provides legal professionals with powerful document bundling, in-browser document manipulation, a suite of annotation features, OCR, collaboration and secure sharing.

To learn more about our integration with Bundledocs click here.

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