Onwards Answering

Call Handling & Virtual Receptionists in the UK

Law firms often spend a lot of time and money marketing both online and offline. However, investing in great marketing can be fruitless if you are not able to convert the calls that come your way into valuable work.

Onwards Answering has been specifically designed by a lawyer for lawyers; but not just any lawyers. You’ll be a lawyer who knows that having your phones answered first time every time is critical to your existing and new clients. You’ll be a lawyer who knows that missing a call costs your business.

Onwards Answering prides themselves in knowing that what they offer is guaranteed to increase your clients and your turnover. They will become your front-line sales team. They’ll weed out the unwanted sales calls and spam AND they are primed to listen for your next new business opportunity. They will act fast in dealing with it and get those opportunities talking to you, on your terms. But even that’s just not enough. The Onwards team will become an integral part of your business sales process and they’ll work with you – and even guide you – how to convert leads into new business and increase your turnover, guaranteed!

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