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A few years ago, we were speaking to a law firm that said something that really resonated with us. Whilst discussing the new innovations and task automation capabilities of our Legal Case Management Software, CaseLoad, the solicitor said; “I don’t think that our clients are looking for a lawyer that’s innovative, they’re looking for a lawyer that is effective.” It stopped us in our tracks.

At first, we weren’t sure if this was the lawyer suggesting that innovation, automation, etc, didn’t really matter to them. We were slightly concerned the conversation was heading towards an early exit. However, as the chat continued, they clarified that what they meant was that they were excited by legal tech innovation and wanted to use automation as much as possible, but their primary goal was to ensure that the legal work they were doing was being done in the most effective way possible. They knew they had great people but that automating some of the more time-consuming, repetitive processes could take their business to another level.


We are still working with that law firm today creating better, bespoke, task orientated, workflow style automation for each of their legal departments, using CaseLoad. Through legal software automation, we are empowering their team of solicitors to create self-serve and self-help tools for their legal services and their clients. The goal we set out was simple – free lawyers and their support teams to focus on the high-value tasks where they can uniquely add value as experts such as; simply practicing law, engaging in conversation with their clients and providing strategic advice. In short… we are using software to streamline, improve productivity, increase efficiency and be effective!

Automation advantage

Automation, well, this is nothing new, but technology is getting smarter year on year. Like all legal technologies, automation should never be considered in isolation – it’s always in the context of solving human problems. We spend a lot of time with law firms understanding what legal tasks and legal processes can be automated. However, we never start a conversation about automating a process by discussing technology. Ultimately tech enables; it’s about empowering people to be effective.

In law firm businesses it’s estimated that we’re only at about 10 to 15% of what could be automated. We are seeing that percentage rapidly increase, as automation becomes more accepted and continues to spread from manual processes. This is the reason why we encourage all law firm leaders to adopt task automation. The ones who buy in will see very quickly the opportunities that legal automation presents. Law firm leaders can become trailblazers in the Scottish legal community. The tools exist to unlock a wide range of benefits using legal automation software, giving legal businesses a better experience when using their case management system, providing clients with a consistently better client experience, and giving law firms an advantage over their competitors.

Saving time

According to recent data, more than 63% of tasks handled by legal teams are repetitive, rules-based, and don’t require interpretation or judgement. They are just waiting to be automated. By using CaseLoad we estimate that legal firms could reclaim as much as 30% of their time thanks to automating manual tasks, such as document management, invoicing, client intake and onboarding, etc. Using the most efficient practice management software allows a legal team to focus on the difficult problems and human contact with clients, which improves law firm performance, as well as the quality and effectiveness of their service. Task automation that we create, in collaboration with the experts – the lawyers, is helping Scottish law firms actively grow their business through speed, safety, quality, cost-efficiency and resilience.

CaseLoad uses what we call ‘Smart Event Task Automation’ to make legal admin work easier, by completing simple tasks in the same way employees would, only much faster, saving a lot of time. This type of automation can be a huge benefit as your case management system can be customised to automatically onboard clients, receive and send emails, collect data for management reporting, prepare documents, client packs and contracts, automate billing, e-Signature, text messages and much, much more.  Automation can make legal admin easier to manage and CaseLoad is the perfect solution for many law firms in which employees waste time on repetitive admin tasks.

CaseLoad – Smart Event Task Automation

Reducing the manual handling of a series of tasks to make your admin processes more efficient.

“Using Smart Events in CaseLoad allowed us to reduce the time spent on Client Care Packs down from 45 minutes to 45 seconds! The software gives us back valuable fee earning time. It’s incredible to think we used to do this any other way.”
Angela Ashcroft, Director, Mortons Solicitors

Time to seize the opportunity

Seizing this opportunity, law firm leaders are investing in the right legal automation tools and in turn creating jobs. As we are now (hopefully) fully entering the post-pandemic era, we are seeing a Scottish legal industry awakened to an incredible opportunity to reimagine how they complete daily tasks and how software can help. We believe the fear of automation is starting to shift – instead of seeing automation as a technology that competes with people for jobs, it can and should be considered a way to contribute to our shared success. By eliminating mundane and repetitive tasks, automation allows us to focus human attention where it’s needed – on creativity, empathy, and critical thinking. You can improve lawyer efficiency and spend more time on high-value work, as well as being there for your clients in times of real need.


Our job at Denovo is not to try and get lawyers to understand what’s under the bonnet of the tech we are providing them with. We are here to provide a platform that is simple to use, automates mundane admin tasks and delivers more effective legal work. We will help you understand not only how automation can create value for your law firm by producing greater profitability and better performance, but also how the unique combination of technology and human ingenuity can play a part in transforming the effectiveness of your business in a way that works for the benefit of all.


To discuss how our team can make your law firm more effective through Task Automation, call us on 0141 331 5290, or if you’d prefer to write to us our email is

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