Practice Performance Matters

Training Videos

Electronic File View

Browse the whole file onscreen including document previews.

integrate email

Bookmark/Tag Selected Events

Keep your matters organised by bookmarking significant events depending on the work type.


Matter Account View Filtering

Excel style filtering on all you matter accounts in one screen, all data fields can be sorted, filtered or arranged by depending on what you would like to see

matter account


Onscreen alerts when assigned an event or requisition slip.


Inbuilt integration with Office 365

Import all email correspondence against the matter account file within Caseload.

integrate email

Dashboard & KPI Reporting

Fully customisable dashboard views showing recent matter activity, KPI reports and other useful widgets. Every performance report instantly available from the Report icon based on where you are in the software.

integrate email

Grouping, Ordering & Filtering

Focus on what matters with unique grouping on any matter criteria


Events Attachment Management

Gain better control of client communications with enhanced attachment capabilities


Cash Book Accounts

Monitor Cashflow with easy to access bank information


Nominal Views

Measure practice performance on revenue & expenditure against budgets

nominal views

Time Recording

Easy to track time recording available across the application

time recording

Time Matters

Easy to track time recording available across the application

time recording