SOLAS Qualified Legal Cashier

Mariam has been SOLAS qualified since 2016 and is responsible for the accounting of multiple law firms. She provides a variety of legal services on a day-to-day basis including the upkeep of postings, bank reconciliations, providing transferable figures and instructing payments on Client’s bank platforms, all whilst ensuring that Clients comply with the Law Society of Scotland accounts rules. In addition, she also completes various month/year end reports, VAT Returns, biannual Account Certificates and reports for Law Society Inspections.

Mariam believes in building and maintaining a strong working relationship with her clients, with a professional and friendly manner. Mariam is attentive and adaptable with all her clients as she understands no two firms are the same, therefore each client will necessitate different needs and wants.

Mariam enjoys spending her spare time with her family, friends and dogs. She enjoys yoga, road trips, city breaks and can always make time for shopping!

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