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Grant Yuill

Head of Marketing & Customer Engagement

Denovo’s conveyancing software has a clear purpose statement: to increase automation and communication in property transactions.

Our goal focuses on making the process easier for the end client, the one purchasing or selling a home. In today’s competitive environment, we think that providing a quality client experience is the key to success for any law office.

We help create a better client experience by doing the following:

  • Automating administrative and tedious tasks
  • Communicating with stakeholders in a transparent and effective manner

This method, in the end, results in faster transactions, a better client experience, and a more profitable practice.

Denovo has several significant advantages that make it the best conveyancing case management software in the legal case management software market.

Automating and Simplifying Procedures

Denovo includes features that help your law firm automate manual operations and eliminate redundant procedures, making the process more effective for everyone.

Client intake prospecting & quoting – CaseLoad intake processes will automate the collection of information on potential new clients, ensuring that they are satisfied with the service you can provide and the price quoted. In a matter of minutes, a quote can be provided and accepted, putting the client at peace.

E-signature & Data Collection – CaseLoad legal software has an electronic signature option that provides the equivalent of a written (wet) signature via safe digital document sharing.  By partnering with Signable, a renowned compliance provider of electronic signature solutions, we can comply with all of the regulations governing accepting and processing documents signed by E-signature.

Bookmark and tag to manage a file – As your legal practice grows, you must have a system in place that allows for an instant overview of current cases. Filter and analyse your data in a manner that will allow you to make fast and accurate business decisions. Tagging important events improves the viewing experience of a file, regardless of who is checking on the status of a case.

Email Management – You can compose Outlook emails right within CaseLoad and have them saved to the appropriate case along with any attachments. You can start Outlook and transmit documents/events from CaseLoad lists to the appropriate parties.

The Link App – Client Portal – Using CaseLoad and The Link App, you may access all of the beneficial services and innovations of a client portal in one spot. From our platform, you can manage your client onboarding, communications, signatures, data gathering, and much more. Our technology is intended to radically improve your law firm’s client and professional experience.

Enhance client communication

Great communication is vital for providing an excellent client experience. Denovo simplifies communication by providing a variety of choices that you may adjust to the needs of your clients and the specific matter via:

  • Client portal online – Instantly exchange updates on the matter’s progress, such as major milestones and next steps, or securely share documents with appropriate parties.
  • Conveyancing mobile apps – Take it a step further by providing all of your clients with access to our Mobile app, which will provide them with real-time updates on all of their matters.
  • Keep your clients informed of progress by sending automatic email updates.
  • Document management – templates for letters, emails, and text messages – save templates that pre-populate important data for you across communication, which you may manually change before sending if necessary. 

Integrations that improve your life

Denovo collaborates with a variety of third parties to provide you with the best possible experience in handling your issues. These service providers include:

  • Email – Send emails directly from the case management system’s inbox. Unlike some other case management systems, this comes from your email, and any replies are automatically forwarded to your inbox as well as attached to the subject.
  • Word/Outlook plugins – Using our plugins, you can quickly attach emails and documents to a topic by clicking a button inside Word or Outlook.
  • Conveyancing search providers – With a few clicks, you may order searches with PSS or M&B, with all relevant information instantly delivered to the search provider. When papers are completed, they are automatically returned to Denovo, notifying the user and including any associated expenses with the searches.
  • Conduct KYC/AML checks – There is no need to manually enter information because it is immediately posted to their portal via interfaces.
  • APIs/Webhooks – We provide several webhooks and APIs, allowing you to interact with other services as needed, such as Zoopla or email marketing tools.

Easy to use and set up

Denovo’s practice management software is designed with the conveyancer in mind, which means it is easy to navigate and configure without the need for coding. This means you can modify workflows, document templates, and forms to meet your firm’s and clients’ demands.

  • You can easily set up Denovo without writing a single line of code.
  • Our configurable no-code solution lets you set up your processes and add automation tasks to your routine.
  • allowing you to collect the information you need at each stage
  • To meet your requirements, you can easily add new data columns to any matter type.
  • To meet your requirements, use basic data markers and logical assertions.

Take advantage of a genuine cloud-based case management system

Being a Software-as-a-Service solution has several advantages over in-house, local, or other alternative solutions.

  • Access Denovo at any time and from any location as long as you have an internet connection – no software installation is required.
  • Your information is safe – We comply with the most recent cybersecurity standards through our trusted partner Microsoft and a variety of additional services.
  • We listen to our clients and ship several fresh innovations and improvements each month. Denovo will continue to evolve in response to our customers’ needs; our goal is for you to never have to change systems again.
  • Backups – Because your data is safely backed up, the chance of data loss is extremely low.

Friendly customer service and easy onboarding

We provide free, fast, and pleasant assistance, as well as free onboarding of new customers, to ensure your success from the start and in the future.

  • Friendly assistance is available through our helpdesk. Responses are offered during business hours Monday through Friday by our courteous and educated product experts.
  • Online support documentation is available to all Denovo users and is both searchable and easily accessible. Within seconds, you can find the article and answer your precise issue or query.
  • Onboarding – We will invest substantially in getting you up and running by creating custom workflows, creating online forms, and ensuring that papers and precedents can be generated from case data with the click of a button.
  • Become an Expert in Denovo Automation Workflow – We will provide online training sessions with your designated legal software expert throughout onboarding.

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