Property Searches Scotland Integration

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This integration will allow CaseLoad users to leverage Property Searches Scotland extensive suite of over 30 reports.

Our clients will benefit from a new way of ordering their full suite of reports with Property Searches Scotland without ever leaving our case management system.

This partnership will enable us to offer our customers a more streamlined property search experience through our seamless integration with the PSS platform.

Order & manage the search products you require with PSS in 6 easy steps

  • 1

    Open the matter & create a new case from the PSS icon.

  • 2

    On case creation risks are identified and any reports are offered to add to the order.

  • 3

    Add the required reports from over 30 available to your Case.

  • 4

    Send the Case to PSS to being processing the orders.

  • 5

    Event notifications will appear on the matter as each order is completed.

  • 6

    Once complete all Reports are Auto Downloaded to the matter.

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Using the Property Searches Scotland Integration

Creating a new case

Orders are placed within the matter using the PSS Cases Icon

On the matter window select the PSS Cases button to view, create & amend orders. This will list any previous cases registered for that matter.

Managing & Creating Cases

Select New Case or open an existing case to manage the orders.

New Case will create a new one to allow you to request new orders.

Fetching Case Risks

Checking for Case Risks

When a new Case is created and sent to PSS it will automatically do a Case Risks check and identify any issues with the address.

Auto add Reports to the order if Risks Identified

When an address is flagged as being in a Coal Mining area, CaseLoad will automatically suggest adding a Coal Report to your order.

Adding Orders to the Case

Add Case Details and Send Case to create the draft request

Selecting the Case Type, Sector and adding the addressing using Address Source or adding it manually will create the case as a request with PSS. Once this has been created you can then add new orders to the case and upload plans if required.

Adding Orders to the Case

When placing a new order each product is an individual order. On the Order screen you will see the Status, Product, Expected Delivery and Monetary values of each product ordered.

Case Orders progressing

Order Processing Notifications show in Events

As the order is processed with PSS you will see Event updates on the files through Created, Ordered, Expected Delivery Date (if delayed) and then Completed.

When the Case is closed and all orders complete this will also be sent as an Event update.

Individual Order Product Downloads

On all Cases once a Report is ready to view this will automatically be added as an attachment on the PSS Documents Downloaded event.

On the CaseLoad Documents view you can then email single or multiple documents from the case to another recipient.

Viewing New, In Progress and Completed Orders

Checking the Status and Case Order history of all matters

CaseLoad offers the opportunity to view all orders from one interface.

On the main PSS screen you can see Status, Type, Matter Details, Orders and the total
monetary value of the Case.

  • “We reached out to Denovo to ask them to integrate with PSS. The turnaround time to develop it was so quick! This integration really makes it simple for conveyancers to access our full suite of PSS reports without ever leaving CaseLoad. We now have a much more streamlined property search experience. This integration with Denovo is a significant step forward in making our lives a whole lot easier." ”

    Emma Weir, Director – Conveyancing , The Glasgow Law Practice

Benefits of using the CaseLoad & PSS integration

  • A more streamlined property search experience through our seamless integration with the PSS portal.
  • Order your full suite of reports with PSS without ever leaving your case management system.
  • With over 30 available reports to select and on completion the reports are downloaded straight to the matter.
  • Case and Order costs are automatically retrieved and show, for use with Cashroom posting requests.
  • You have the ability to upload supporting documents where applicable
  • There is no duplication of data entry.
  • When searches are complete they are uploaded directly to the case management system.
  • PSS is the only search supplier who can provide a specific coal alert which is built into the integration.


Property Searches Scotland Integration Guide

Find out how to make reliable searches quicker and easier than ever before by using the Property Searches Scotland Integration in CaseLoad.

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