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Did you know the average life of a practice management system is 13 years? If you use one you will definitely know that law firms replace these core systems very infrequently.

Did you know the average life of a practice management system is 13 years? If you use one you will definitely know that law firms replace these core systems very infrequently.

Imagine the first generation iPhone you picked up back in 2007. It was exciting and for most of us it was the step up from The Blackberry we didn’t even know we needed. It was easier to use, less clunky – it was a revelation. Now imagine using that same iPhone now. Yes, it has some functionality that will help you get through your day, but it’s unsupported and could never be as powerful or as useful as the new version or any other modern day smartphone. Legal tech and specifically legal software are exactly the same – you might just get by but compared to the current software options available, that version you’re using might seem downright primitive. 

Changing and modernising your Legal Case Management software is not as complex or costly as you may think either. Early case management programs were difficult to use and a nightmare to convert when changing systems. The software wasn’t nearly as customisable and user-friendly as it is today, and the change process was far from seamless. But, it’s a new day.

The best case management software suites are designed to be simple enough so that both support staff and solicitors can use them effectively. The customisability built into the top systems make it easy for law firms to adapt the software to fit their specific needs, whether they are starting from scratch or when replacing an existing system. Additionally, the best case management providers back that up to deliver outstanding customer support and training to ensure that all users are adept when implementing new software.

The ‘Switch’

Oddly, many law firms operate without using legal case management software, especially small firms and sole practitioners. This reluctance largely stems from a flawed belief that the cost of legal case management programs is prohibitive, along with a fear of using new technologies. As long as the old system works, why fix it? The short answer is: Because you will be able to work more efficiently, expand your client base, and make more money if you invest in a suite of high-quality legal practice management software.

Switching from a paper-based, or an outdated and dispersed digital case management to a modern, integrated legal practice management software offers your law firm many advantages, and there are many solutions (like CaseLoad) that can help you achieve all of the benefits below.

The most common concern in legal practices is what value these “new-fangled” software solutions can bring in running the legal practice more effectively compared to an existing system or a paper-based system.

Paper-based systems have existed for as long as the law practice exists. In the past, these paper-based systems have managed to do a reasonably good job. But times have changed, and with the rise of technology accelerating in 2020, lawyers are looking for more efficient ways of running their practices.

While your tried and true methods for running your firm have worked well for you in the past, the benefits of better legal case management software far exceed those of traditional case management processes. Greater flexibility, improved efficiency, centralised data sources, better information sharing, preservation of data, and customer satisfaction are just a few of the benefits of using legal case management software.

Modernising case management will help your law firm save time and resources, and it can also help you improve your visibility in the legal world, so you can focus on keeping your clients satisfied.

Modern legal practice management software offers you:

You’ve got to compete!

It’s not easy for your law firm to compete today. Competition is fiercer than it was even a year ago. Advances in technology have helped, although you may feel a step behind larger firms that can use enterprise-wide technology solutions your small firm simply can’t afford. But with Whole Practice Management Software you have Case Management with the option of incorporating an industry leading accounting system and Outsourced Cashroom service, meaning you can catch up to and compete with the “big guys”.

Did you know that 15% percent of the innovative law firms are using technology solutions to improve their practices? Moreover, only 30-35% of small law firms are using practice management software. In comparison, larger firms reported a 62% usage rate. Those are some staggering stats and if you’re not part of that 30-35% you need to really start thinking about how you are going to shape your success in 2021 and beyond.

Despite other firms and departments experiencing overwhelmingly positive results with new practice management systems, some law firms are still unwilling to make the switch. A few common reasons include:

  • Some firms are reluctant to invest in a new system if they aren’t able to see an immediate financial reward, but a case management system is a valuable long-term investment.
  • Other firms mistakenly view case management as an immature solution, because they simply don’t realise that modern systems are very sophisticated and efficient.
  • Some practices believe that they don’t need one unified system. However, using a mix of unrelated programs will never be as efficient as one comprehensive system.
  • Someone needs to take charge of selecting and implementing a new management system, but some firms haven’t selected a senior-level individual to take charge of the project.

Most legal practices like to take a “wait and see” approach to new technology, but case management has been around for decades now. The legal profession is becoming more competitive every day, so it’s important to utilise tools, like CaseLoad, that will help you stay ahead of the competition.

Once you embrace modernisation and pick a flexible, scalable legal practice management solution, it is up to the expert team, like we have at Denovo, to look after you and get the software tailored and personalised for your needs. That will let you refocus on the key issue of running your law firm.

The prospects of taking the leap to modernise by implementing new practice management software may initially seem far-fetched and a hassle, but proper utilisation with the right team behind you can lead to substantial profitable gains in the long run.

Not using Denovo to manage and grow your business? Get a free demo and see why some of the most successful small to medium sized law firms use Denovo as their whole practice management software solution.

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