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Steven Hill

Managing Director & Accredited Legal Technologist



Denovo provide fully customisable legal practice management software that is considered to be the operating system for hundreds of law firms around the UK.

We’ve been developing bespoke legal software to help the legal industry for over 30 years. Our mission will always be to make lawyers lives easier. That’s why we built CaseLoad, a software platform that is dynamic, fully customisable and ever-evolving. 

During this webinar Steven Hill, Operations Director & Accredited Legal Technologist, discussed how we give law firms the flexibility to customise and extend our software to create a bespoke platform that works for them. 

Steven showed how dynamic, modern law firms are using CaseLoad to help streamline processes and increase capacity for handling larger volumes of work. Steven also provided insight into how some of CaseLoad’s key features help lawyers and their support teams in their day to day working life.

Software features covered in this introductory webinar were as follows:

CaseLoad’s ability to interact with leads using document production and email management, before converting them to a client which transfers all information over to the new client and matter. We will also see how to measure the leads from your KPI dashboard, showing types of enquiries and what business is being won and lost.

The way law firms are engaging with client is changing, so the leads process should remain as short as possible. We’ll show you how the client can e-Sign an Instruction Agreement within days while the legal work commences.

With client onboarding complete, we will finish looking at how to communicate with clients, save the email correspondence, produce documents, and manage the file effectively.

Every work type is catered for, and we can filter files to view important documents using Event Tags and correspond using Smart Events.

This live event took place on Thursday 5th May.

Watch the webinar below.

Duration: 30 minutes

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