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Grant Yuill

Head of Marketing & Customer Engagement

In this free recorded webinar you can join our host Grant Yuill, Denovo’s Head of Marketing & Customer Engagement, Steven Hill, Denovo’s Operations Director and Director at The Glasgow Law Practice, Ross Yuill as they discuss how the implementation of new and improved online tools is the first step in getting ready for the ‘new normal’ way of working.

glp on demandRoss and his team at The Glasgow Law Practice are at the coalface of the changing business environment that has led many firms to start revaluating the way in which they offer legal services. Ross will go into detail about how GLP are acutely aware that clients are now looking to obtain legal services in a remote, digital format. He will outline the steps they have taken to address this challenge and how recent events led them to launch GLP On Demand: Online Legal Services.

Ross will give practical insight into how high street firms are adapting to COVID-19. He will explain how the current situation has dragged firms into the modern era. With lawyers traditionally being poor adopters of new working practices they are now thinking about implementing ways of working that may have been parked due to being busy in their practices. The approach of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” may just have been blown apart and Ross feels now is the time for firms to catch up. Moreover, we will outline how the changing expectation of clients has led to new methods of communication, agile working, increased use in technology and putting full-proof plans in place to survive as a local business.

What is GLP on Demand?

ross yuillSince 2006 The Glasgow Law Practice has offered all of their services online via their website. They were one of the first High Street firms in the country to offer their full range of services online. Their website and GLP telephone advice line has revolutionised their business and modernised how they offer legal services. They have been able to help new clients both locally, throughout Scotland and internationally – people who found them online through searching for legal services.

Recent events led them to launch GLP On Demand: Online Legal Services – an extension of their already successful online offering. Essentially, GLP On Demand allows their firm to offer every one of their legal services online without a client requiring to attend their offices.

Duration: 30 minutes

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