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As a private-client lawyer, a few of your key objectives are to keep you and your client up to date with developments in a case and deliver a high standard of client service. How you can do this quickly and efficiently, reducing the time spent on repetitive drafting and admin tasks is an area our law firm partners tell us they are always looking to improve upon.

Private client lawyers must have excellent people management skills. However, no matter how good your people skills are you are going to need help to handle communications, discussions and negotiations articulately and competently.

CaseLoad is designed to boost productivity and enhance the quality of your output. We have worked with leading practitioners to guarantee that using Caseload removes the unnecessary manual tasks, allowing you to focus on ensuring the day-to-day service requirements of your private client community are met

Topics we will cover are as follows:

  • Managing Enquiries
    Leads Management lets you nurture the potential client by giving you email import, document production and data collection. 

    If your marketing is driving traffic to your website then increase the conversion rate with prompt communications as soon as the enquiry arrives.

  • Matter Management of Key information
    Add Notes, Data & Update Tasks lists based on work type for wills, POA’s & others.
  • Document Production
    Create single or multiple documents for printing or emailing with options to include creating future planned events.
    • AML Process
      Complete a request in a few clicks from Caseload using our inbuilt integration with Amiqus.

All data stored in one place with documents and results returned from Amiqus automatically arriving in Caseload.

Duration: 30 minutes


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