SOLAS Qualified Legal Cashier

Paulina joined us in 2023 with a wealth of experience working for firms of solicitors as a claim handler, interpreter/translator and then Legal Cashier. She stepped into her role at Denovo with poise and ease and took the term ‘hit the ground running’ to a whole new level.

She has a master’s degree in applied linguistics in both German and Russian languages and also speaks her native language Polish, as well as English). She is extremely proud of her heritage and takes after her great grandfather who was multi-lingual and  a war hero. He was a cavalryman and a company commander who fought against the Nazis in 1939. He spoke five languages fluently – the four mentioned above and French on top of that. Wow!

Other than being fantastic employee, team mate and all round great person, it is her love baking cakes that has cemented her place in the hearts of team Denovo. Paulina owns dozens of cookery books, although she doesn’t like sweets herself  (she’s a ‘cheese & crackers’ type of girl!), she’s more than happy to serve up delicious treats to her hungry colleagues.

Paulina has a 6 year old daughter called Iga, which means ‘warrior girl’ or ‘fire’ and a Russian dwarf hamster called Ginger, who is not ginger at all (he’s grey & cute!). She has been happily married for 13 years now.

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