SOLAS Qualified Legal Cashier

Lauren joins the Cashroom Services team as a SOLAS Qualified Legal Cashier. She completed her SOLAS qualification in the summer of 2022 which was a fantastic achievement and something she is extremely proud of.

Lauren dedicated the early part of her career to learning on the job in some of the most interesting and exciting organisations. Firstly working in her home town of Paisley with Total Accounts Ltd for 5 years. Lauren truly bought into their more proactive approach to business accounting needs, providing advisory input,  bookkeeping support and maximising efficiencies for numerous types of businesses. Lauren was part of a team that provided businesses with a real financial edge. She then moved on to support the cashroom department of property experts Pacitti Jones. There she learned from some of the best accountants in the business. With their strong background in legal services, and laser-focus on always ensuring that their customers’ interest is is the number one priority, she couldn’t have hoped for a better education with regards to in-depth market knowledge, professionalism and outstanding service.

Lauren’s experience, enthusiasm and positive attitude is a very welcome addition to our our already stellar team of SOLAS qualified legal cashiers.

Lauren recently bought her own house. She fancies herself a bit of a ‘fixer-upper’, so, in her spare time, she is currently focused on turning her home into her own personal palace! Nothing but the best will do for her pride and joy, her best friend – her lazy, crisp eating chunky, pet pug, Pete! Pete the pug isn’t fond of a walks, so Lauren best get installing some locks on the crisp cupboard before Pete eats her out of house and home while she’s out!

Pete’s defiance to get out for walks doesn’t deter Lauren as she herself loves to stick on a podcast and head out for long hill walks or destress at the gym. Once she’s done that she loves nothing more than snuggling up with Pete to watch a bit of Greys Anatomy. Like most Greys fans she has watched so many episodes she does legitimately think she could easily have a side hustle as a medical professional! Lol!

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