Business Development Manager

Graham joined the team in April 2023 as Business Development Manager. The legal landscape is a fresh challenge for him; however, he comes from a strong financial services background with a wealth of knowledge around building and nurturing relationships within the professional services market.

With a flair for both business and music, he’s not your typical suit-and-tie professional. When Graham isn’t busy expanding our clientele, you can often find him channelling his inner rockstar, armed with his trusty guitar, ready to unleash some tunes in the office.

Graham’s passion for music goes hand in hand with his enthusiasm for our clients’ success. If there’s one thing he’s as serious about as his guitar solos, it’s ensuring that our clients get the absolute most out of our cutting-edge case management software. You’ll often catch him riffing on how our software can streamline their processes, boost efficiency, and make their lives a whole lot easier.

Graham is extraordinarily passionate about building relationships with people. He spends most of his time in conversation with firms who have expressed an interest in our software, demonstrating the positive impact our software can have on their business and walking them through our partnership approach.

Outside of work, Graham loves football and played extensively (in his words!) “about 5 stone ago”! His passion for music led him to playing the drums and belting out the occasional vocal solo in his band. You might catch him at a live venue around the country or even headlining TRNSMT… 😉

So, if you hear the sound of a melodic guitar coming from the office, you can be sure that Graham is at the heart of it all, strumming away on his six-string. And when it comes to helping our clients succeed, his passion is like a crescendo that never ends.

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