Training & Implementation Consultant

David is a talented and enthusiastic Training and Implementation Consultant. Hailing all the way from Belfast, he’s not just bringing his expertise but also a dose of good-natured humour to the office.

With his infectious charm and that unmistakable Northern Irish wit, David has everyone laughing and learning at the same time. He’s like the perfect training guru having worked in the legal software industry for many years. He is passionate about making the software implementation process an enjoyable and memorable experience for our law firm clients.

David’s journey from Belfast to Scotland reads like a legal software adventure. From his early days working inside law firms, he then decided to take a different path and enter the world of legal tech. Armed with a determination to transform the legal software landscape, he set out on a mission to bridge the gap between cutting-edge technology and the needs of law firms. Along the way, he’s charmed clients, both locally and internationally, with his warm personality and amazed them with his deep understanding of the software.

His passion for empowering law firms to utilise our software to its fullest potential is palpable. David takes the time to understand each firm’s unique requirements and ensures they receive tailored training that fits their needs like a perfectly tailored suit. With him leading the way, our clients are well-equipped to navigate the software landscape with confidence.

David’s training sessions are legendary, often sprinkled with anecdotes of his journey from Belfast to Scotland – a tale of adventure, discovery, and a few mishaps along the way. But amidst the laughter, the key takeaways always remain crystal clear, and our clients leave feeling inspired and ready to conquer their legal challenges with our software by their side.

His unique approach and relentless dedication to our clients make him an invaluable asset to our team.

He is a big football fan but has no interest in Scottish teams, so there is no animosity in the office…yet. He’s only been in Scotland 2 years so there is still time for him to choose the ‘correct’ team! He is also a huge rugby fan with his dad having played for national team. He is constantly reminding us that his dads debut for Ireland in the Five Nations resulted in Ireland beating SCOTLAND 21-12 back in 1982! Ok David, we get it, you’re dad’s an Irish rugby hero! Yawn! 😉

At home in Bearsden (if he can pronounce it correctly – it’s ‘BEAR’ not ‘BEER’) David is the third most important ‘person’ in his household with Lizzie the Toy Poodle taking top spot and his partner Ekta a close second.

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