SOLAS Qualified Legal Cashier

Step into the world of financial wizardry and meet Chloe Tennant, our newest addition to the Denovo Cashroom Services family. With a remarkable 8 years of experience in the realm of numbers, Chloe has honed her skills to perfection.

Back in 2017, Chloe achieved the coveted SOLAS qualification, making her a force to be reckoned with in the world law firm cashiering. Armed with her knowledge and expertise, she’s ready to weave her magic supporting our ever growing list of Cashroom Services clients.

Joining as an legal cashier was no small feat, but Chloe embraced the challenge with open arms and has truly hit the ground running. In just a few months since stepping through our doors, she’s absorbed so much from Jacqui and the team, turning every learning experience into a stepping stone towards success.

When Chloe isn’t busy balancing ledgers and cracking the code of financial mysteries, she’s off satisfying her wanderlust cravings. During her youth, she embarked on a thrilling escapade in Australia, spending an entire year exploring the wonders of the Land Down Under. An adrenaline junkie through and through, she scaled the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and soared through the skies with a heart-pounding skydiving experience—truly the stuff of brave legends!

As the summer sun approaches, Chloe’s excitement builds for her annual trips to Italy. In her dreams, she can already taste the delectable pasta, savour the heavenly pizza, and indulge in the creamy goodness of gelato. The mere thought of it sends her taste buds on a flavourful frenzy!

Yet, amid all her grand adventures and financial wizardry, Chloe’s heart remains grounded in the warmth of her loved ones. When the weekend arrives, she cherishes the moments spent catching up with family and friends, having a laugh, and creating cherished memories that are worth their weight in gold.

So, if you’re in need of financial enchantments or seeking tales of daring exploits, look no further than Chloe, the Cashflow Maestro with a Wanderlust Soul—ready to sprinkle magic into both your finances and your journey through the wilderness of legal accounts compliance!

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