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Lets us show you how to Manage your Events.

How it works

Planned Events

Instantly update the event date or status if you are completing a planned event.

Email the event or reply to your client straight from the planned events window.

How it works

Matter Management

  • Fee earner filtering/grouping
  • Created by selections to show ability to capture snapshots of data
  • Show balances and maybe filter on them, explain ability to export to excel
  • Group or filter on the work types
  • Show the ability to hide columns and set as preferred views
  • Then save view as your default or apply this as default view to all users
  • Recent (last 20 clients/matters) & Favourites (selectable by drag and drop)

How it works

Matter View

  • View data pages, specific to your work types, which can be customised by user.
  • The accounting tab shows you the balance drop downs.
  • Linked Companies, allows you to add and remove with document production available.
  • Events view; gives you a document preview, email preview and can be switched on and off.
  • Documents view shows all available attachments/emails (ability to filter or search for specific documents)
  • Electronic File View will show all matter correspondence from beginning to end.

How it works

The ‘new’ button at Matter Level

  • Create a new event for a client and add attachments.
  • Creating a new email with built in MS Outlook integration allows you to send a quick email to the client which is then saved back to CaseLoad as an event.
  • Add new persons, address or linked companies.
  • New text message to clients work with similar behaviour and an audit trail is created to show when the text was sent, which is also saved as an event.
  • Adding a new time entry gives you access to all charge categories associated with the matter work type.
  • Court Diary appointment is available in the drop down menu to allow you to add new appointments in a quick action.

Benefits of using CaseLoad and The Link App

  • Easily change event dates
  • Send emails directly back to the client
  • Send texts to clients from planned events
  • Complete actions to mark events as done
  • Add events to your calendar


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