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Lets us show you how to manage your event attachments.

How it works

Event Attachment management

If you have large of events or documents from events needing to be exported this can be done quickly and easily with on screen progress bars informing you of the process status.

You can import attachments on existing events from either local desktop, attachments contained in emails or previous matter correspondence.

The event can then be emailed to a client with all of the required attachments or assigned by a secretary to a fee earner to check over and send out.

Benefits of using Events Attachment Management

  • Secretaries can prepare client emails with access to all matter correspondence when creating the emails
  • Exporting to a folder can be done for a selection of matter correspondence or the whole file
  • Event assignment informs the fee earner when an email is ready to send out
  • You can also email multiple events at the same time to any contact associated with the matter


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