Bundledocs & CaseLoad

How the integration works.

Bundledocs is designed to automate time consuming activities and reduce paper output to immediately produce high quality professional e-bundles. The best bit? It only take a few easy steps! Generate the docs in Caseload, upload to Bundledocs and it automatically formats your documents, creates a full index, orders with multiple sections (if needed), paginates bundles by superimposing page numbers on each page and produces a single PDF brief immediately.

There are benefits to truly integrated cloud solutions

  • 82%

    of law firms said that cloud solutions had a positive impact on their document management

  • 77%

    of law firms believe that the cloud has given them an advantage over their competitors

  • 76%

    of large law firms report their clients want to implement more stringent security requirements

Watch this video

Check out how the integration between Bundledocs and CaseLoad works.

Creating an e-Bundle

Family Law Bundle

The trend for the courts to prefer electronic court bundles means that e-bundles are becoming a necessity rather than a luxury. This video is designed to show solicitors how easy it is to create e-bundles that will be effective and simple to use in and by family courts.

Creating an e-Bundle

Dispute Bundle

Effective preparation of bundles is an essential element of a smooth, orderly hearing and something which practitioners should keep in clear focus as part of their overall preparations for any hearing. This video is designed to show solicitors the features and advantages of using e-bundles for Dispute hearings.

Ross Yuill. Director at the Glasgow Law Practice, said…

“Old ways of working are simply not sustainable for us. Taking 2-3 hours to trudge through reams of paper to create a case bundle is far too time consuming. With CaseLoad and Bundledocs, it’s all taken care of in under an hour. It’s secure and compliant. The process is just easier.”

Benefits of using CaseLoad and Bundledocs

  • Seamless CaseLoad Integration – Upload documents directly from Caseload.
  • Incredibly Easy to Use – With one click your bundle is automatically indexed, numbered, hyperlinked & bookmarked. No need for long laborious training sessions. Just pick it up and go!
  • Securely Work with Anyone – Do you need to work with colleagues in different offices? Share bundles with clients? Or even collaborate with the other side? Caseload and Bundledocs does it all. Work more with less paper.
  • Anywhere, Any Time, on Any Device – With CaseLoad you are no longer confined to the office. PC, laptop, tablet, phone – whatever your device – now you can continue to work efficiently regardless of where you are.
  • It’s fully Automatic – Manage high volume document cases efficiently. Every bundle is automatically numbered, indexed, hyperlinked and bookmarked for quick and easy access.
  • Handle Changes & Late Inserts – Draft again and again until you get it right. Need to make a change. No problem. Bundledocs handles last minute changes and late inserts with ease.
  • Redact Confidential Information – Quickly and easily apply redactions directly onto any document. This will allow you to completely remove sensitive data before sharing or printing your bundle.
  • OCR Your Complete Guide – Make your bundle fully searchable with the click of a button. Bundledocs creates an OCR bundle quickly so you can find what you want, when you want, on any device.
  • Templates, Volumes & Documents Dates – Create bundles from templates in CaseLoad, prepare volumes and multi sectioned bundles. Even add document dates to your index and amend if necessary. Complex tasks made easy.
  • Annotate Your Documents – Effortlessly create public or private annotations directly from Bundledocs. This unique approach ensures nothing is lost if any changes are made or new versions of your bundle created.


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