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For others the race is on to find theright cloud technology for their business.

Could you imagine it? Driving along, not knowing what speed you were doing, not knowing if you were indicating right or left, wondering how much fuel you had left and if it would get you to your destination. It might be an exhilarating thought to begin with, but it would be nerve racking to drive like that long term.

Denovo drive car without dashboard

So why do so many people drive their businesses forward without a dashboard? You get my point and you know where I’m coming from. The data is already there in our businesses, but the problem is getting it out and displayed as meaningful information which you can use. We just don’t have time for that. To do that you need a system like a car dashboard that gives you the information in real time allowing you to react to the information being given with impeccable timing.

You’re a lawyer. You pride yourself on making smart, informed decisions whether that’s during a trial, selling a house or advising a client. To do that you collect all the relevant data required and with information to hand make those informed decisions to best advise your clients. Now, imagine if you were able to be just as scientific about analysing the data from you own business. Imagine you had a dashboard which pulled the data from your business and could tell you, at a glance, what’s working well in your business and at the same time, pinpoint the challenges for action.

No need to imagine. You can. All you need are the right tools and systems and a wee bit of help. Honestly.

But what would you want to see on your business dashboard? What is the stuff you would want to know to understand how your business is performing?

No matter what you call it, – KPI’s, Management Report, Business Analysis – the measurement of your firms’ performance will enhance and empower you to make informed, data-driven decision to drive success and profitability.

At the end of the day, your law firm is a business, and every firm owner or managing partner must be able to take the pulse of their business

So how does Management Reporting on KPIs actually help your firm become more profitable and efficient?

The first thing that you do is to concentrate the minds of your team. If they are communicated to properly and taken seriously by management then it almost becomes automatic that staff work towards improving the position of the business.

Once you’ve found what is important to the business and then distilled this into Management Reports, what leaders then find is that the business becomes much more focused on the important things that make a real difference to the organisation.

Management Reports also allow you to know what things are key to the business and to direct your resource accordingly.

Car systems collect data from various tools and gadgets on board and display them as useful information to the driver to improve performance, enhance their drive and keep them safe.

What’s the hold up?

Everyone procrastinates on Management/KPI Reporting – why? Because it’s time consuming, tedious and the final product is often uninspiring. However, reporting is absolutely necessary for data-driven businesses. Putting together a good report that your team will not only love, but actually look at, doesn’t have to take as long as you think. How you present information, reports, even opinions, determines how it is received. A good report should be easily accessible, interactive and transformable in under 10 minutes. A great report has all these qualities, in addition to a clear objective presented by key insights.

Thankfully, generating KPI reports don’t have to be as painful as they once were. When you track your KPIs on CaseLoad’s business dashboard, reporting becomes a quick, everyday task that will improve your team’s results and internal communication. Imagine it…Denovo deliver your KPIs for you and you can view them at a glance! The Management Reports created within CaseLoad can help profitability through a financial focus, but it would be wrong to think that they are purely used for monetary measures. In fact, they can be used (and should be used) for any measurable aspect that is important to the business.

Data is King and Software can be FREE!

Without data you can’t measure anything. Once you have figured out where your data lives, the next step is to determine what data to collect. That’s where Denovo come in. We can create and tailor your reports and display results in a dashboard format. Everything from new matters, matter details, fees earned, time recording, daily/weekly/monthly revenue collected, practice area performance, and much more can be collated within CaseLoad.

Ross Yuill, Director at The Glasgow Law Practice and recent adopter of Caseloads Management Reporting feature shared his experience of making data driven, business decisions based on CaseLoad Dashboard Reports. He said;

“We use use dashboards to quickly gain insights into the most important aspects of our Firms data. CaseLoad provides us with real time insights and business analysis at a glance. Our Management Dashboard allows us to identify matters that require urgent action, streamline our workflows and allocate our resources accordingly. It is a decision-making tool that has allowed me, as a Director, to view high-level performance reports which can be drilled down into detail. It helps me understand the performance of our fee earners, track fees in real time, track file opening numbers and ascertain where our work comes from. It is another excellent example of Denovo allowing us to understand our business better each day.”

Now, imagine you’re in your next management board meeting and you have your report in front of you. It’s all there displayed in whatever way you want to view it. It’s just easy As a law firm leader, you’re only as good as your data. CaseLoad will help you eliminate the administrative slog and give you valuable time back

In addition, Denovo’s partnership management and support team is always available to help you set and achieve your goals.

If you want to learn more about CaseLoad Dashboard Reporting and how to begin a partnership with Denovo click here, email or call us on {{CONTACT_NUMBER}}.

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