Choosing your legal software provider – It’s all about Trust

There are some key differences between lawyers and other professionals. But, like other professionals, you worry about making the right decision when considering new technology, and just like any other kind of professional, you trust the advice and recommendations of people who know your issues best.

We understand that it is our job to listen and to learn and then show you that we understand how you practice and the process problems that you face, before we would ever ask you for a decision on our software.

But we don’t just do that at the point of sale; we keep listening. Our desire to keep improving means we must keep listening. Your feedback on how the system is working for you and what we can do to improve it is fundamental to our business.

Here’s just some of the ways we build Trust.


Some would say that if your pricing isn’t transparent, lawyers (just like everyone else) will get fed up trying to figure out if the product is value for money. You’ll see comments online telling businesses like ours to display our price prominently online – we don’t. We can’t!
You see the truth is, we’re just like you. It’s like being instructed by a client. Ideal scenario would be to tell your client exactly how much your services cost straight off the bat. However, throughout initial consultancy and the onboarding process things change, new info comes to light and only then can we give a realistic price. The benefit we have is once we’ve navigated those hurdles it becomes simple. We can guarantee we have the most competitive pricing model in Scotland. Suitable for firms of all sizes, whether you’re starting out, introducing software for the first time, or looking to change.

Proving it works

Our job is to show you that the software not only works but helps – massively! We’ll point you to case studies and put you in touch with firms using our software.
We need to demonstrate that we understand your problem. Tell us what you need and then let us customise our demonstration for your firm to show you the product in action.

Approaching your challenges holistically

You want the new software to predictably fit into your workflows, and not raise new concerns. You are also worried that it will require a process overhaul and lengthy training before you can reap the benefits. If it requires that you change the way that you do business, then you’re less likely to try and properly buy into using the new platform. The impact on your practice needs to be predictable and you should not have to contend with major disruption to experience the benefits.

Ease of use

You do complicated work and, in many cases, have complicated demands. That doesn’t mean you want complicated software. Lawyers are accused of being averse to trying new tech. However, that’s not a description of lawyers, that’s a description of people! To succeed, technologies in any sector need to be better than the existing approach by a considerable margin. So, to help you understand the benefits, we make our software platform, CaseLoad, familiar and simple to use. If you can’t figure it out within 10 minutes (without any instruction manuals) then it’s too complicated.

Keeping our solutions in search of problems

We know most lawyers are less interested in being “cool” and more interested in being productive, so we bring you solutions rather than the other way around. Of course, you’re interested in new technology that solves problems you encounter every day in legal practice: writing, billing, collecting, client relationship management, etc. All we ask is you show us what you currently do to get through the day. We then get you there – faster.

If we can help you save time on legal work and get you to leave the office at 5:30pm instead of 7pm you might just buy our product.

Let’s get you home on time

I can guess where you don’t want to be at 7pm! Just like everyone else, you don’t want to be in the office! So, while working on our software we’re acutely aware that it must solve challenges in your everyday practice. We know you often have to work late…it’s because you’re busy. If we can help you save time on legal work and get you to leave at 5:30pm instead of 7pm you might just buy our product.


There has been a burst of activity in the legal software market of late, and lawyers tend to wonder whether the extraordinary growth a company like Denovo has had is sustainable. It is a serious question. If you do like our product and company, will it have longevity? This is one of the many reasons that lawyers return again and again to the big name companies, despite that they may often be lagging in terms of innovation or having the ability to customise their software for Scottish firms. We want you to trust us with your problems, so we’ll tell you candidly about our past and future.

“We’ve always used Denovo since we started our firm. The Law Society put their trust in them, so we are more than happy to do the same.”
Greg Whyte, Partner, Jones Whyte Law

If you think this approach would work for you call us on 0141 331 5290 or if you would prefer to write to us our email is

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