Millar & Bryce team up with Denovo – Taking Legal Software Integration to the Next Level

I think it’s safe to say when it comes to productivity in the workplace, we all have our issues. Interruptions, finding documents, resources, and general information that we use every day can often mean we’re spending a lot of time distracted and bouncing from one tech tool to another.

We hear it all the time – law firms manually moving data between different systems, having to constantly log in and out, jumping from case management systems to websites, etc. Ultimately, you’re dealing with a hell of a lot of admin that could, in a lot of cases, quite easily be reduced.


Software integrations are a must

In 2022 it’s almost impossible not to use different tools. Even for a business like ours, who are in possession of the most comprehensive, all-in-one legal case management platforms in Scotland, we still can’t do it all. We don’t have all the tools and can’t answer all the needs of every law firm. That’s why we need software integrations that significantly reduce the time spent on juggling separate tools. It also means your team are less tied up in manual data syncing, and your workflows are both more inclusive and more efficient.

Without really good system integrations, law firm businesses are losing efficiency, productivity, and opportunity. All those technologies you’ve implemented to save time can, in all honesty, lead to more manual work as you try to connect uncooperative touchpoints.

So, the question you’ve got to be asking yourself is – do you have a case management system which not only has the integrations you need, but has the best version of those integrations, on a platform that you can truly make your own? If you’re not using Denovo’s legal software integrations there’s a very good chance you are not seeing the true benefits.

Making property searches easier

Our latest integration with Millar & Bryce is a good example of integrations evolving. We know M&B integrations exists with other legal software providers in Scotland. However, we also know that our version of this integration has much more capability to process and progress orders accurately and efficiently. Plus, the user never needs to leave the CaseLoad software platform. It’s one of the key things lawyers who use Millar & Bryce have been asking for and we are delighted the M&B team have worked with us to provide a fantastic solution.

We truly believe we’ve got a barnstormer of an integration here. It’s a new and easier way of placing orders with Millar & Bryce. Now, all ordering, updates and report downloads sync automatically with CaseLoad, including the M&B invoice. You can order core search products from M&B, without ever leaving your case management system.

Steven Hill, Operations Director at Denovo and the person at the forefront of developing the partnership with the M&B team, said; “As legal technology evolves and businesses look to operate on hybrid working models, we’re seeing more law firms in Scotland place emphasis on software and integration. Nowadays systems integrations play a fundamental role within law firms. The great work that’s been done between our incredible software developers and the fantastic team at M&B facilitates communication between our platforms, where before the systems would not normally communicate. One of the main benefits an integration like this does is provide critical available information quickly into our CaseLoad platform. This allows the law firm to take advantage of faster and more efficient processing of orders. We are giving firms hours of time back while making solicitors and their support teams more productive. That’s always been our goal and that’s why we will continue working with the best organisations, like M&B, to create integrations that help the Scottish legal community.”

Richard Hepburn, Managing Director of Millar & Bryce, commented; “Together with our parent, Landmark Information Group, we’ve been committing significant investment in evolving and upgrading our search order and production technologies, very much sharing Denovo’s vision of the benefits that can be yielded from greater integration between systems. Legacy integrations with search firms’ order platforms were largely based on a simple link to their online order platform, with users still needing to rekey information and transfer reports received back into case files; our new integration with Denovo goes far beyond that leveraging M&B’s order API technology to take that pain away, reducing errors and allowing much better efficiency”

“Our integration with M&B means we are giving firms hours of time back while making solicitors and their support teams more productive.”
Steven Hill, Denovo Operations Director

How does it work?

It takes just a few simple steps:

  1. Open the matter and create a new order from the MB-Hub option.
  2. Add the required Products to your order.
  3. List all of the parties in the Legal Report, selecting any associated with the matter from a list.
  4. Send the order to MB-Hub to begin the Order processing.
  5. Event notifications will appear on the matter as the order moves through the stages from Queued, Processing to Complete.
  6. Once complete all Reports are Auto Downloaded to the matter along with the invoice for the order.

“Our new integration with Denovo goes far beyond what we’ve done before, leveraging M&B’s order API technology to take that pain away, reducing errors and allowing much better efficiency”.”
Richard Hepburn, Managing Director of Millar & Bryce

The benefits

Let’s put benefits of the integration between Denovo and Millar & Bryce in perspective…

Processing an order, inputting the data, downloading the documents, going back in to get the invoice, checking the status of orders, and entering the correspondence into your case management system might take 40 minutes. Using the integration, following the steps above, takes approx. 10 minutes. Meaning, that for every order placed you are saving 30 minutes. If you place an average of 15 orders per week that’s a saving of 7.5 hours – basically a working day.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Find out more about how the Millar & Bryce Integration works 

All of this software integration talk might get you thinking: how do I know what software is best and most necessary for my law firm’s needs? And with that, you might need help managing your tech stack and keeping things in order. We can help, even if it’s just providing a bit of advice. Get in touch with, or call us on 0141 331 5290.

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