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Grant Yuill

Head of Marketing & Customer Engagement

The legal sector has been rocked to its core recently; Financially, operationally, socially, and physically and the one thing that stands out to me is how resilient law firms have been. Very quickly focus turned to strategy and value creation, addressing sustainability in the midst of unprecedented challenges. Many taking the time to pause, briefly, to ask…What if?

What if there was a way to score your business fat to reveal a carved operational physique that others will be envious of?

Let’s get Lean!

Lean case management principles can be applied to every area of how you handle your workload, from the secretary’s desk to the partners meeting. It is a management philosophy that advocates analysing all your processes to eliminate or reduce anything you do that doesn’t add value to your business, and ultimately, your clients.

Process efficiency and cost reduction are the most direct benefits of a Lean business model. But the benefits extend far beyond the obvious. Here are some of the top advantages of operating as a Lean business:

  • More efficient processes, including greater throughput and increased productivity.
  • Reduced operating costs through a decrease in lead times and admin tasks.
  • Increased team productivity and morale, through spending less time firefighting and more time focusing on quality and value.
  • Better workload visibility at the team level as well as for senior staff.
  • Delivery of customer value through increased speed/quality of work and communication, leading to an improved client experience.

What if you could add all these benefits into your firm? Would you?

Adopting robust practice management software to become ‘business lean’ allows everyone at your law firm to manage their workload all in one place, with access up-to-date legal information, the ability to share knowledge and documents, and communicate effectively with colleagues and clients.

Sound too good to be true? It’s honestly not.

It’s time to get to work!

After months of uncertainty around restrictions, court closures, remote working and everything else that’s impacted the health of your legal business, it’s starting to feel like now is the time to start moving forward.

What if as things slow down for the summer you actually accelerated your focus and invested in a robust legal case management software platform to improve your practice performance?

What if you recognised that in today’s ever evolving and competitive legal marketplace, law firms who refuse to do so can quickly be outpaced and left behind?

As we enter the height of summer, businesses normally take a bit of a break. Why not substitute some of those hours trying to get ‘beach body’ ready and use the time to focus on getting your business lean? What if you took that focus and applied it to speed, discipline, and flexible adaptation in your business? New approaches to operating practices and tech adoption will be crucial in the months ahead, so why not get ahead of the curve – Now?

Can Software help get your firm in shape?

What if there was legal software which exists in one integrated system, is simple to use, with a familiar user interface, is customisable to the way you work, is fully compliant and allows you and your team to work from anywhere. Would that be a great place to start getting the firm into shape?

In getting lean, the most difficult part is making the decision to get started!

Whether you’re a sole practitioner starting your own firm or running a large practice with a team of hundreds you need to know what tools exist to get your business in the best shape it’s ever been in. CaseLoad exists.

What if you gave us a call and we helped take your practice performance to the next level?

Something to think about…

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