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Moira DeeneyOur ninth episode in our new webinar series ‘In Discussion with Denovo’ is taking place on Wednesday 10th June at 3:30pm.

In Episode 9 we will be talking to Moira Deeney, Chief Executive of The Glasgow Bar Association, about the impact COVID-19 has had on the way The GBA operates.

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Moira will outline the challenges The GBA has faced when communicating with the legal community throughout this pandemic and how they have successfully managed to keep information flowing to their members and beyond.

Moira will highlight the importance of technology in having continuous dialogue with other stakeholders in the justice system, as well as keeping close liaison with other faculties, the Law Society of Scotland and the Sheriff Principal at Glasgow.  And the feedback from members on how important it has been to receive timely and up to date information when working remotely.

Moira is also keen to explore and seek views on how we can best communicate in these challenging times and is particularly interested in how Trainee Solicitors and Qualified Solicitors see the immediate and future delivery of learning. A particular focus will be put on the future of ‘online learning’.

The questions Moira wants input on are:

  1. Do we still need the time commitment of face to face seminars and conferences?
  2. Is networking, communication and interaction an important part of learning?
  3. Is blended learning the future?

We are encouraging GBA members and non-members to interact and engage with us to answer these questions.

We will also go into detail about what’s been going on at The GBA during lockdown – Focus Groups with the Scottish Law Commissioner and undertaking Committee Meetings remotely. We’ll find out first-hand if it is working.

Moreover, we will discuss what many of you are witnessing…how social distancing is affecting the operation of the courts and the very fabric of justice in operation. Can we all see a “new normal” developing and how important is technology going to be when communication is so crucial? 

Moira will explore each point further in this discussion.

Duration: 30 minutes

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