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Grant Yuill

Head of Marketing & Customer Engagement

Forbes BryceOur seventh Episode in our new series ‘In Discussion with Denovo’ took place on Thursday 28th May at 3:30pm, you can watch the recording by clicking the link below.

In Episode 7 we were talking to Forbes Bryce, from Freshwater Business Coaching. Forbes has worked with countless businesses up and down the country to achieve pre-determined goals and growth. He also provides training in sales, marketing, customer service and business planning.

Our discussion was focused on all the change that is going on in business right now, the ongoing talk of the ‘New Normal’ and how you could be forgiven for thinking that everything has changed. We will delve deep into the ‘How’ of how we do business, why we are in an exciting and sometimes scary state of flux and why many firms are quite rightly reviewing their processes. But the key question being asked is – has everything really changed?

Freshwater Buisness CoachingIn this session we wanted to stop talking about change and remind ourselves of the abiding business principles that endure and how we can use this time of review to ensure our processes best serve those principles.

  1. Aim, Plan, Do, Review
  2. The ‘P’ word
  3. Effective then Efficient

Duration: 30 minutes

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