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Caseload has been designed to enable Fee Earners to administer large volumes of both privately funded or legal aid immigration work.  Deep integration with all the elements of Microsoft Office, guides users through case management helping their clients to enter the UK, work in the UK and remain in the UK.

During this webinar Steven Hill, Legal Tech Expert and Operations Director at Denovo will walk you through how to use some of Denovo’s key software features from the perfective of an Immigration lawyer. You will also receive insight into the ways in which Immigration Lawyers and their support staff use CaseLoad in their day to day working life.

Topics we will cover are as follows:

  • Email Management
    You can compose Outlook emails from within caseload and automatically save them to the relevant case with any attachments. From lists of documents/events within Caseload you can launch Outlook and send them on to relevant parties.
  • Exporting Events
    Caseload allows you to export email Communications and important matter documents allowing the whole file or part of the file to be prepared for sending or sharing with any relevant party.
  • Document Management
    Caseload Immigration software is easily configured with standard letters to the client, Home Office, Immigration First Tier Tribunal, Upper Tribunal, Detention Centre etc. as well as a blank/standard letter section with templates for standard and ad-hoc letters helping you to keep all relevant parties informed of the status of the case – e.g. Medical Expert, Witness, Employer, Landlord, DNA Agency, GP etc.
  • Reminders & Events
    Reminders/Planned Events cane be set for Fee Earners, based on specific dates to make sure key dates for hearings and appeals are not missed, i.e. Limitation Date for Appeal Submission, Hearing Date for the Upper Tribunal etc. This lives on the matter summary page and also updates to firm on wide events views.
  • Smart Events
    Workflow style automation allow you to have one click options to send multiple documents to interested parties informing the client, Home Office & anyone else at the same time with customised communication. Planned events can be triggered to keep the matter up to date.

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