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When it refers to software, trying to be “all things to all people” is a naive goal that calls for an endless journey.

Undoubtedly, your company will use a variety of software programmes, ranging from case management and business intelligence, to document management and legal accounting, as well as everything in between.

Your clients and their issues are obviously at the heart of every law practise, regardless of whether the business is software or service based:

  • You must conduct money laundering investigations on your clients.
  • You need to submit statutory documents and e-submissions on behalf of your clients.
  • You must provide authorities with evidence regarding your clients.
  • Your clients are the people you need to communicate with.
  • You must deliver the greatest possible customer service to your clients.

Because of this, we concentrate on merging tools for managing clients and issues. You receive the ideal systems for the best client and matter management with our comprehensive practise management software, pick-and-mix solutions, and third-party integrators. Regardless of the path you choose, you get best-in-class IT with complete integration. implying that everything works together as a whole.

Running standalone systems with data stored in various different places is the standard option. Integration streamlines operations, improves efficiencies, simplifies administration, lowers costs, saves time, offers analytical insights in real-time, strengthens security, fosters collaboration, and does much more. These advantages combine to provide outstanding customer service. Recurring business comes from satisfied clients who also refer other people to your legal services. Integration is beneficial for business.

Benefits of software integration

After recognising the several benefits of software integration, let’s pause to consider how you do your daily business. You must work primarily at your desk, right? Most of us start our workdays on our desktops, return to them throughout the day, and finish them there. That’s because we keep shortcuts to our commonly used programmes and files on our desktops. Technically speaking, it’s the central part of our graphical user interface that’s hidden behind the windows.

As a result of this, we have recently focused our software development efforts on integrating with the desktop environment. Your desktop’s connection with our interactive Cloud application continues to get more advanced.

What makes this significant? You might enquire. Simply said, CaseLoad is a fully customisable, cloud-based legal software solution that enables you to access apps and services over the Internet rather than through your local hard drive. You can directly collaborate with the rest of your team thanks to your desktop’s cloud connection.

It’s more important than ever to have access to your system whenever you want. In other words, web-based access simplifies your ability to operate productively and effectively whenever and wherever you choose. Any internet-capable device can be used to produce and save legal documents, communicate invoices, and more. The advantages are numerous, and cloud computing software, like CaseLoad from Denovo, is a tool that may make all of them possible.

Denovo Legal Case Management Software

Denovo is a complete solution for whole practise management in the legal industry for law firms. Use CaseLoad, a highly integrated legal case management and legal accounting system, created for modern law firms operating in the UK, to handle all aspects of your legal practise.

There is only one application with all the functions, which are safely saved in the cloud. They consist of computerised document production, time tracking and billing, lead management, email management, electronic signature, customer relationship management (CRM), management/KPI reporting, compliance, legal aid, Making Tax Digital, anti-money laundering (AML), executory/probate, property search, client portal and more.

As of right now, we’ve integrated with a number of providers of software for case management, legal forms, document bundling, compliance management, and automated workflow. Furthermore, in order to keep increasing the number of integrators, we’re determined to maintain third-party integrations.

Consider our opening statement, we provide this astonishing variety of integration possibilities on a pick-and-mix basis! You have complete control. Our responsibility is to organise the integration appropriately. You can purchase any customised package for a surprisingly low cost and receive award-winning service. Contact us if you have any questions about integration. You can either send us an email or call us directly on 0141 331 5290.

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