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Helping the legal industry create electronic court bundles from anywhere

Scotland’s leading legal practice management software provider Denovo has partnered with Bundledocs, the cloud-first document bundling software provider, to drive efficiency and save hours of time creating court bundles.

In an industry that is known to be technology, or at least, risk-averse and fearful of moving away from a paper-based means of working, Denovo are looking to help change that image.

The innovative legal tech firm has spent months working alongside industry professionals as they planned their roll out of the integration with Bundledocs. With over 900 clients across 34 countries, Bundledocs has become the market leader in the electronic document production space, working primarily with the legal sector. The platform allows law firms to take documents from anywhere and organise them into a neat, numbered, indexed, and sectioned booklet in minutes. The integration means firms can be more efficient, with no printing, increasing productivity and enhancing data security.

“We want to ensure we are giving our law firm partners an opportunity to be as efficient as possible,” said Steven Hill, Operations Director at Denovo. “Our law firms partners tell us that one of the main reasons that E-bundling has not been fully adopted by the legal industry is because a lot of digital products out there don’t work in reality. They are cumbersome, non-compliant and don’t mirror the way paper court bundles are created. They also do not work seamlessly with case management products. Our experience is that lawyers and courts are very willing to adopt technology, especially nowadays, as long as it can meet their needs… and do it well.”

Steven added: “The Bundledocs process is the answer. It takes all the pain out of ensuring that bundles are created on time and paginated properly. Denovo users can now effortlessly upload matter files directly from CaseLoad into specific sections of their bundle. Once uploaded a complete bundle can be created in minutes. It simplifies a time-consuming task that up until now required too much manpower, supervision and negatively hits a firms’ profit margin – not to mention the environmental impact.”

Commenting on the partnership, Brian Kenneally, CEO of Bundledocs, said: “We are delighted to partner with Denovo, offering the benefits of Bundledocs to their customer base. Demand for our services has increased by over 40% in the last year, as law firms increasingly turn to digital and remote solutions. Our client base has grown to include many of the world’s Top 200 law firms, as well as in-house Government departments in the UK, Australia, Ireland and the US.

“This integration with Denovo will provide further efficiencies for customers, allowing traditionally paper-heavy sectors such as the legal profession to move to a cloud-first, completely paperless collaborative workflow.”

Bundledocs’ easy-to-use software provides legal professionals with powerful document bundling, in-browser document manipulation, a suite of annotation features, OCR, collaboration and secure sharing.

To learn more about Denovo’s integration with Bundledocs click here email info@denovobi.com or call us on 0141 331 5290.

About Bundledocs:

Bundledocs market leading cloud software is the ultimate tool for today’s paperless lawyer. Our incredibly easy to use software provides legal professionals with powerful document bundling, in-browser document manipulation, a suite of annotation features, OCR, collaboration and secure sharing.

We partner with the industry’s largest technology providers (including iManage, Worldox, Tikit TFB, NetDocuments, Sharepoint etc.) to deliver a fully integrated document workflow to our global client base. Now sold in over 30 countries worldwide, Bundledocs helps legal professionals save time, cut costs and create massive efficiencies within their organisation. Get in touch with us to learn more about Bundledocs.

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