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An integration that saves time, reduces risk & speeds up client onboarding 

amiquis logo removebg previewAn integration that saves time, reduces risk & speeds up client onboarding

Scotland’s only whole practice management software provider has teamed up with Amiqus as part of the global fight against money laundering, identity fraud and terrorism financing. The new integration will save law firms up and down the country time and money by turning hours of paperwork into minutes of secure online compliance checks.

Amiqus has grown to be recognised as a trusted and secure online point of access for legal support. Their aim is to always improve in line with regulatory changes, making it simpler for legal professionals to comply with the latest data privacy standards, while improving processes for your clients and staff.

Steven Hill, Denovo’s Operations Director, said about the recent partnership, “There is an obvious synergy between both organisations who are working towards a vision of removing all unnecessary manual tasks in the daily working life of legal practitioners.

Moving from your current compliance process to a new, online system can be a daunting task. Along with Amiqus’ award-winning team we have built support networks to help you with this – whether that’s making sure it’s simple for staff to move away from paper-based processes, quickly answering day-to-day technical or regulatory questions or ensuring costs are transparent.

Working collaboratively with our new CaseLoad software, Amiqus seamlessly integrates workflows, digital risk assessments, internal decision-making audits and client data with CaseLoad. All the data is stored in one place, so there’s no need for duplication. You’ll save yourself time and can be assured that you’re being consistent and secure.”

Amiqus CEO Callum Murray added, “We’ve built a world class AML compliance product as a first step towards supporting legal firms into new ways of working. The Denovo integration means legal firms can spend less time doing their compliance admin and more time doing what they do best: providing a great service to their clients.”

To find out more about the integration between Amiqus and CaseLoad, click here.

To learn more about Amiqus you can visit their website.

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