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The eSignature solution trusted by hundreds of millions of users

docusign logoThe eSignature solution trusted by hundreds of millions of users

Denovo recognised that the logistics of signing in ink was fast becoming more and more impractical. Now, with over 44% of the UK working from home, many of whom may remain that way when things get back to normal, and the limitations on access to printers, scanners and post, Denovo have accelerated their plans to integrate DocuSign into their software to meet the needs of their customers.

Grant Yuill, Head of Marketing at Denovo said of the new partnership, “From contracts and offer letters to account openings and invoices, agreements in the legal profession are everywhere. With DocuSign eSignature, our law firm partners will have the ability to complete contracts, approvals, and other agreements in minutes rather than days. And because it’s fully integrated with our whole practice management system users can extend these benefits to other stages of the agreement process, such as preparing, acting on, and managing agreements.”

Benefits of DocuSign Integration with CaseLoad:

  • Electronically sign, prepare, act on, and manage agreements to deliver great experiences for your clients. 
  • Use DocuSign to complete approvals and agreements in minutes or hours — not days — from almost anywhere in the world. 
  • Quickly and securely access and sign documents. 
  • Easily upload and send documents for others to sign. 
  • Send reminders and check signing status almost any time. 
  • Get to “yes” faster with DocuSign electronic signatures.
  • Easily create DocuSign documents via Document Creation Wizard. 
  • Documents Automatically sent to DocuSign for Client and 3rd party delivery. 
  • Emails sent to you when clients and 3rd parties view, and when clients sign. 
  • Events automatically added when clients and 3rd parties view, sign and complete the documents.
    Events for the file can be automatically populated on Viewing, Signing, Accepting, Declining, and Completion. 
  • Add input fields for clients and 3rd parties to interactively fill in — inside the document itself. The completed fields can be automatically saved back to Data Pages on completion.

Steven Hill, Denovo’s Operations Director, said about the recent integration, “In the current climate and beyond having the ability to sign documents electronically has never been more crucial. The increasing numbers of people working remotely has led to businesses up and down the country facing challenges with how documents and contracts can be signed and concluded. Signing electronically will eliminate many of these issues, allowing all parties to sign a document in seconds. Recent adopters have been quick to give their positive feedback, with one of our key partners telling us that they signed up 15 new clients in the space of 15 hours. A process that would have normally taken days, if not weeks. Anyone who is reluctant to use electronic signatures, or concerned about the risks, please be aware that integrations such as the one between Denovo’s CaseLoad software and DocuSign are fully supported by the Law Society of Scotland, England and Wales.”

To learn more about Denovo’s integration with DocuSign click here.

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