CaseLoad Coaching Session 13 – Software for Criminal Lawyers


Hosted by:

Grant Yuill
Grant Yuill
Head of Marketing & Customer Engagement

Software Demonstration by:

Steven Hill
Steven Hill
Operations Director

At Denovo we’re in the business of supporting Criminal practioners to run their firms more efficiently, so they can spend more time doing what they do best – representing their clients and being the best court lawyers they can be.

In short, CaseLoad, provides a set of tools for the fee earners and support staff to undertake, streamline and automate administrative tasks. This includes time recording and billing, court diary management, case bundle preparation, document production, document management, legal accounts, outsourced Cashroom and more.

During this webinar Steven Hill, Legal Tech Expert and Operations Director at Denovo will walk you through how to use some of Denovo’s key software features from the perspective of a Criminal lawyer. You will also receive insight into the ways in which Criminal Lawyers and their support staff use CaseLoad in their day to day working life.

Topics we will cover are as follows:

  • Time Tracking & Billing
  • Managing the Case Documents
  • Email & Text Communications
  • Creating Court Bundles
  • Court Diary Management


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