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Grant Yuill

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Seeing a potential client enter your leads management system is always exciting. But before contracts are signed, there is still much work to be done, so don’t start celebrating just yet. Your small business must schedule a meeting with the client, find out about their needs, explain how it can help, and secure their commitment.

You must therefore nurture your leads.

Law Firms usually run into trouble here. The average conversion rate for law firms is currently calculated at 2.6%, which means that on average, only one lead out of a possible 38 gets converted by firms.

Your small business cannot afford to allow even one lead to go through the cracks in light of that figure. Take these proactive actions right away to effectively nurture your potential clients.

Adjust your Strategy Based on your Professional Areas and the Needs of your Clients

There is no one method that works for all legal practise areas when it comes to managing leads for your firm.

For instance, real estate or conveyancing lawyers can come off as enthusiastic right away. Solicitors should keep this in mind when they contact new leads because it is usually an exciting time, whether they are assisting a client in purchasing their first house or selling their present property. But you shouldn’t immediately adopt the same tone if you’re a family lawyer helping a new client begin the divorce process.

But regardless of your specialty and the overall attitude of your clients, pay attention to the environment and adjust your strategy accordingly. A client in real estate may be selling their home because their parent has gone away, while a client in family law may be happily divorcing their partner. When dealing with any client, be understanding and take into account why they are seeking your advice and assistance. This is especially crucial if a client is struggling and is in need of your support badly.

When a fresh lead comes in, your practise area will also determine what to do next. For example, a business client seeking merger and acquisition support will probably wish to arrange a face-to-face meeting. Whereas you can probably skip the initial session if a potential client has been jailed and is calling from jail.

Answer Quickly and Completely to the Enquiries

Nobody likes being in the dark, especially potential clients who are going through a stressful situation and need legal representation. In reality, a lead’s enquiry should be answered within five minutes to enhance lawyer conversion rates by 391%. Even better, it increases confidence. It will be easier to establish a long-lasting working connection with new clients because they will be aware of your attention to detail and quick response times.

You may reply to new leads whenever and wherever you wish, thanks to capabilities in legal practise management software like CaseLoad. Since every message is encrypted, complete privacy is guaranteed right away.

Lawyers can’t always stop what they’re doing to reply to an incoming lead, of course. What if you’re participating in a meeting or in court?

This is when automation comes into play. With CaseLoad, you can set up automatic workflows that send new leads an email as soon as you receive their request confirming that you have received it. Or take it a step further and add a link to an appointment scheduling page.

Your prompt, complete response will impress potential clients, and you may go effortlessly to the next step, such as a face-to-face or phone-based consultation.

Use a Lead Generation Tool to Generate Leads

The software also helps in ensuring that all of your leads are handled and taken into account properly.

You can handle all leads and clients using Leads Management, simplifying your relationship management activities. All discussions and notes regarding a client’s preferences, including what they need help with, their personal background, their preferred method of communication, and more, are immediately saved to the relevant subject.

Moreover, the CaseLoad platform keeps track of this data as your lead transitions from prospect to client, guaranteeing a seamless experience for both the client and the firm.

You may even take a step back and generate reports on your leads, including statistics on how many you generated in a specific time frame, your conversion rate, different lead types, and more. This data gives important insight into your marketing success and helps in the identification of your most promising potential clients.

Boost your Competitiveness by Using Lead management

The long-term success of your firm is greatly influenced by lead management. Spending time, money, and effort on law firm marketing is pointless if you take weeks to answer questions.

Your firm may quickly generate more leads, reduce unnecessary manual activities, and improve the prospect experience by adjusting your approach to the practise area and client needs, responding immediately, and simplifying your lead management.

If you would like to take a look at our Leads Management feature please get in touch by email info@denovobi.com or call us on 0141 331 5290.

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