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Making the transition from “paper” to “data” is known as digitisation. For a variety of reasons, businesses of all kinds, including law firms, are starting initiatives to implement an electronic working environment and realise their visions of a paperless workplace. Document management software (DMS) is the main tool for doing this .

As an example of DMS software created exclusively for the legal industry, consider Caseload. The system, which is a crucial part of our interactive Cloud package, has document management capabilities in addition to case management, legal accounting, and other features. That means it offers a wide range of advantages to users who may use a single, fully integrated, user-friendly application to manage their entire organisation while also getting rid of paper-based procedures.

Ten benefits of document management software are listed in this most recent instalment of valuable advice.

1. Increase efficiency

Usually, the desire to operate more efficiently and productively is the primary factor. Since you may earn money by generating, saving, sharing, and looking for documents—as well as sending and recovering archived files—in less time, this makes sense. Or doing any other activity important to running and expanding your firm.

2. Increase earnings

A DMS worthy of consideration allows time recording capture when creating, transmitting, downloading, and receiving documents and correspondence. This follows neatly from point #1. Claim all money owed by doing this to increase your earning possibilities.

3. Spend less

Not only can you increase your income, but you can also save money, bringing your bank account even farther into the black. With DMS, you can cut costs by subscribing for a reasonable monthly fee for a cloud-based system that costs thousands of pounds less than in-house servers, large storage cabinets and the corresponding office space, and off-site archiving options.

4. Increase Accessibility

Access your files, contacts, matters, and funds by logging in online from any location, at any time, and on any device. Your staff becomes immediately more flexible and mobile, and you create stronger connections across several locations.

5. Be More Collaborative

Internal document sharing is possible with a central repository that has everything organised into live and finished matters. Use the features of convert to PDF and zip, and attach, to distribute documents to third parties.

6. Improve Accuracy

By creating well-known document templates, automatically populating them with database content, assigning tasks and adding relevant documents to diary notes for both you and others, you can introduce business automation. Avoid data entry mistakes and never skip important case activities by doing this.

7. Strict Security

Utilise the industrial-strength security measures, ISO certifications, and cutting-edge technology offered by your cloud provider to increase your security. For even more protection, implement user authentication and role-based authorisation at the application layer.

8. Maintain Business Operations

By becoming a client, you automatically inherit any effective emergency planning and disaster recovery procedures that your DMS supplier already has in place . Your plan for maintaining business operations is now complete.

9. Seek technical assistance

It’s naive to believe there won’t ever be any technological problems. Even the most reliable systems occasionally fail. Your Service Level Agreement will include the technical support team’s working hours, after-hours emergency contacts, and targeted repair times.

10. Automatic Software Update Advantage

Software upgrades can be automatically executed in a virtual environment without any of your involvement, which is another real advantage. Know that you’re always using the most recent version of the software, preventing any disruption, downtime, or upgrade costs.

The fact that Caseloads Documents Management System provide these advantages should go without saying. The connection between Word, Outlook and Interactive Cloud is made possible by our DMS add-ins. To put this into context, as soon as an email is sent from a case, all following emails in the conversation are immediately stored in the system and the time is tracked without any additional user input. Additionally, users have the option of using a native document format or completing the format by conversion to PDF when distributing papers to clients.

In case these ten reasons were still not sufficient motivation, there is one more reason to choose Denovo. You will receive genuine one-stop assistance. You see, in addition to a single, fully customisable application that can handle all of your business practise management needs. Denovo offers a complete outsourced cashiering service back office structure with one single point of contact for all of your business needs.

Visit our website to learn more about CaseLoad Document Management. You can email us or phone us at 0141 331 5290.

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