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Grant Yuill

Head of Marketing & Customer Engagement

As reports emerged about the proposed European Super League the football world descended into a fury as many consider the concept to fly in the face of footballs long history, particularly with lower league clubs struggling from the impact of the pandemic. Plans for a European Super League also totally disregard fans, the lifeblood of a sport at professional levels, and contradicts the views and wishes of the overwhelming majority of football supporters of all clubs. The outpouring of condemnation has been incredible to watch and the PR disaster that has unfolded for the clubs involved really is something to behold.

The concept of big businesses making a play for a larger stake of a financial pot got me thinking about software company mergers and acquisitions. As a few big software providers are coming out of their Covid-induced slumber to pick up the pieces and takeover before the expected recession takes hold.

It’s all about money

Takeovers happen in the software world. It’s inevitable. However, like the European Super League, these moves are not always done with the best intentions of the fans/users in mind. In almost every case it’s about money. And what happens to the fans of the existing software? Exactly what happened to the fans of those 6 English football clubs…they are forgotten about. 

Our fans mean everything to us!

We believe that our fans, the Denovo users, are the most crucial part of our history and our future. They are our lifeblood. We support our fans from the grassroots sole practitioner to the High St elite and they return that support with loyalty.

The sheer arrogance of ignoring the fans regardless of what they want is tantamount to disaster.

Fans look after their football club by paying good money and the club are supposed to provide the best entertainment and give the fans what they what. It’s only right that lawyers spending money and investing time in a software company get the same respect and support.

What happens if the Tech Super League comes calling?

Don’t jump in and sign up for software you didn’t ask for. Ask yourself…if I make this move what kind of support am I going to get?? Does this provider really care about me and my firm? Then speak to an independent provider like Denovo and let us show you we do things the right way. Otherwise, you could spend months back peddling trying to get your own fans back onside…

We can help…

If your firm is being forced into this decision and you are not comfortable with your new software provider, please contact us. We have experienced this before and can provide you with the help and support you need. Email info@denovobi.com or call us on 0141 331 5290.

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