Legal Tech Adoption: A Football Strategy

As the excitement of Euro 2024 gripped Germany over the past month and football fever swept across Europe, we at Denovo couldn’t help but draw parallels between preparing a football team for a major tournament and the strategic adoption of new technology in a law firm.

Just like a well-oiled football team needs careful planning, dedicated training, and seamless execution to triumph on the big stage, integrating new legal tech into your practice demands a similar approach. Let’s break down how you can tackle this challenge head-on, football style.

Team Formation: Identifying Key Players

1. Management (Coach and Manager):

  • Role: Strategise, plan, and oversee the adoption process.
  • Responsibility: Ensure the legal tech aligns with the firm’s goals, manage the budget, and monitor progress.
  • Key Players: CIO, CTO, Managing Partners.

2. IT Department (Defensive Line):

  • Role: Protect and maintain the technical infrastructure.
  • Responsibility: Ensure data security, integrate new systems, and troubleshoot.
  • Key Players: IT Managers, Cybersecurity Experts, Network Engineers.

3. Legal Team (Midfielders):

  • Role: Connect the technical and operational aspects, ensuring smooth adoption.
  • Responsibility: Train staff, provide feedback on tools, and ensure compliance.
  • Key Players: Senior Lawyers, Associates, Paralegals.

4. Support Staff (Forwards):

  • Role: Directly interact with the new tech, driving its practical application.
  • Responsibility: Daily usage, reporting issues, and suggesting improvements.
  • Key Players: Paralegals, Administrative Staff, Junior Associates.

5. Vendors/Consultants (Substitutes and External Coaches):

  • Role: Provide external expertise and support.
  • Responsibility: Implement, customise, and offer ongoing support.
  • Key Players: Tech Vendors, Consultants, Trainers.

Pre-Season Training: Preparation and Planning

1. Scouting and Selection:

  • Identify Needs: Conduct a comprehensive needs assessment to understand specific challenges and opportunities.
  • Research Solutions: Scout for the best legal tech solutions that fit the identified needs.
  • Pilot Programs: Run pilot programs with selected tools to evaluate effectiveness and user-friendliness.

2. Formation Strategy:

  • Integration Plan: Develop a detailed plan for integrating new tools with existing systems.
  • Budget Allocation: Ensure proper budget allocation for purchase, implementation, and training.
  • Timeline: Set realistic timelines for each phase of adoption.

Training Camp: Education and Onboarding

1. Kick-off Meeting:

  • Goals: Communicate the objectives and benefits of the new technology to the entire team.
  • Roles: Clarify individual roles and responsibilities in the adoption process.

2. Training Sessions:

  • Workshops: Conduct hands-on workshops for different user groups.
  • Webinars: Organise webinars for continuous learning and addressing common queries.
  • Documentation: Provide comprehensive guides and FAQs.



Game Day: Implementation and Execution

1. Initial Deployment:

  • Soft Launch: Start with a soft launch to a smaller group to ensure the system is running smoothly.
  • Feedback Loop: Establish a feedback mechanism to gather user input and address issues promptly.

2. Full Rollout:

  • Monitoring: Continuously monitor system performance and user satisfaction.
  • Support: Ensure robust support is available, including a helpdesk and on-site assistance.

Post-Game Analysis: Review and Improvement

1. Performance Metrics:

  • KPIs: Define key performance indicators (e.g., efficiency gains, error reduction, user satisfaction).
  • Data Analysis: Regularly analyse usage data and performance metrics to measure success.

2. Continuous Improvement:

  • Feedback Integration: Incorporate user feedback for ongoing improvements.
  • Updates and Upgrades: Keep the technology updated with the latest features and security patches.
  • Training Refreshers: Conduct periodic training sessions to keep everyone up to date with new functionalities.

Bill Shankly once said, “At a football club, there is a holy trinity – the players, the manager, and the supporters – directors don’t come into it. They are only there to sign the cheques.”

Victory Lap: Celebrating Success

1. Acknowledge Contributions:

  • Recognition: Recognise and reward the efforts of key contributors.
  • Success Stories: Share success stories and case studies within the firm to encourage continued adoption.

2. Future Roadmap:

  • Long-Term Goals: Set long-term goals for further tech enhancements.
  • Innovation: Foster a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

By adopting a structured and strategic approach like a football team, law firms can effectively integrate legal technology into their practice. This ensures all team members are aligned, trained, and motivated to achieve a common goal: enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and client satisfaction.


Just as a football team meticulously prepares for every match, a law firm must diligently plan and execute its legal tech adoption strategy to score big in today’s digital age. And remember, as Bill Shankly put it, “At a football club, there is a holy trinity – the players, the manager, and the supporters – directors don’t come into it. They are only there to sign the cheques.”

In the context of a law firm, this means that while the directors make the final decisions, the success of new technology adoption hinges on the core team – the defensive line, midfielders and forwards – buying in. The feedback on the challenges faced, the workflow desired, and the suggestions for efficiency improvements from the team members who are directly interacting with the new tech are key to decision-making and ultimately a successful implementation.

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