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Denovo has joined forces with Hey Legal to revolutionise legal learning for modern lawyers.

Denovo has entered into a strategic partnership with one of the most innovative tech brands to enter the Scottish legal market in some time. Hey Legal is a mobile-first education platform, offering CPD and everyday learning to Scottish lawyers. Hey Legal aims to build a community around learning across a diverse range of topics.

Hey is a legal education company which will help lawyers to learn about every aspect of their careers, including:

  • Law
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Technology
  • Business Planning
  • Marketing
  • Self -Improvement
  • Interviews with legal sector and business sector leaders
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

One of the biggest benefits to lawyers and law firms is that much of this learning can contribute to annual CPD requirements, saving both time and money.

Who are Hey Legal?

Hey Legal was established with the purpose of inspiring lawyers to engage in learning every day, rather than only doing the minimum required by the Law Society. Hey aims to provide a platform that allows lawyers to build great careers, run successful businesses, and help their clients to achieve great things.

We know that lawyers often have negative thoughts in relation to CPD. It can be expensive to do, inconvenient, and it normally involves attending seminars during a working day or in the evenings. Hey Legal can help relieve some of these pain points.

The mobile-first platform will make CPD easy to do. CPD can be consumed “on the go” as lawyers commute, workout at the gym, wait at court, relax at home or walk the dog. The cost of CPD is also greatly reduced as access to all content will be available through a low-cost monthly subscription.

Ally Thomson, Founder of Hey Legal said;

“Lawyers will want to consume our content because along with being easy to do, it will be interesting. Here at Hey Legal we are encouraging all lawyers to always be honing their craft by providing unlimited, immersive learning experiences. Thus far we have created content with QC`s, lawyers, legal technologists, software companies, law sector regulators, academics, health professionals and fitness professionals. The app is only the start. We will be creating live events unlike those currently offered to the Scottish legal profession. We will also be creating strategic partnerships, like this one with Denovo, across all the main content areas and looking to introduce offerings to our audience of engaged, modern lawyers.

Denovo has purchased two licences for all their new and existing partners to use for a period of 12 months – free of charge. The Denovo team have expressed how excited they are to give lawyers the opportunity to save money and time, and to introduce new ideas and thinking into the law firms they work with through the diverse topics covered by Hey Legal.

Grant Yuill, Head of Marketing at Denovo said;

“We recognised quite early that Hey Legal were brining something exciting to the market that was not only unique but would challenge the norm with regards to how lawyers learn. We saw a company who want to make lawyer’s life easier and that really struck a chord with us.

At Denovo we are always pushing the boundaries of technology to help lawyers and legal firms. There was an obvious synergy between both brands. Being able to offer our partners free Hey Legal subscriptions is an exciting opportunity to not only help lawyers improve their knowledge, but also save them valuable, fee earning time and money. “

Learn more about the Hey Legal approach here.

To listen to some Denovo sponsored content by Hey Legal, with Ally Thompson in discussion with Thomas Ross QC click on this link – https://podlink.to/HeyLegal

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