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Grant Yuill

Head of Marketing & Customer Engagement

Stats are a funny old thing.

We see them a lot and I don’t know about you, but I often wonder if there is any truth to them.

You see, when it comes to using technology of any kind to make our working lives easier, lots of companies like to use stats to sell their products. The idea is to work them into the initial sales pitch on the phone, make sure you mention them in demos, and even share a video showing how simple that particular feature is and wax lyrical about how it’s a ‘game changer’ for that lawyer’s business. Sound familiar? Of course, it does.

Here’s a funny statistic; did you know that only 5% of people remember statistics, whereas 63% of people remember stories? We want you to remember this so, here’s a short story about law firms using e-signatures…

Many of our law firm partners have used electronic signature to onboard 65% of their new clients in less than 2 hours. It’s a statistic but it is also a true story. Imagine that turnaround time in your own practice.

Not only that but, they tell us they have transformed the client experience and are able to get agreement on terms of business in what has been described as “lightening quick time”.

That’s it, that’s the story. It’s a very short story, yes, but I bet you are now thinking about how you could achieve the same stat!

Improved process

Getting a signature on a legally binding document has long been a cumbersome process. Either the document would have to be sent by post/courier to the relevant parties — with the lawyer hoping the signatory would sign and initial in all the correct places. Otherwise, those involved would have to physically travel to the law firm to provide a “wet ink” or physical signature. Over the past 18 months circumstances made that whole process even more challenging.

Many of our law firm partners had long been curious about the use of e-signatures in the legal sector. There were initial, understandable concerns. Thankfully the industry as a whole has come to accept that e-signatures are now a necessity and embraced digitisation for critical processes such as TOB.

Legal challenges

This year The Law Society of Scotland created guidelines that will provide assistance to members on the electronic signing of documents, covering the relevant law and potential risks. They are reinforcing the need to overcome the impractical logistics of signing in wet ink. Charlotta Cederqvist, the Society’s Head of Business Development said: “Used appropriately, electronic signatures offer a secure, fast and remote way to conduct legal transactions meaning it doesn’t matter if you’re down the road or the other side of the globe. Integrating signature solutions with case management systems such as Denovo’s CaseLoad will create efficiencies for law firms and their clients.”  

The stats don’t lie!

When law firm leaders are giving you stats like 65% of clients are onboarded using e-signature in less than 2 hours. When they are telling us that 80% of TOB, agreements, contracts, etc, are returned in 1 day, I think it’s worth finding out how they are doing it. Don’t you?

Let’s make life easier together

Our job at Denovo is to get you there – to explain how you can do it too. By introducing our case management system, you will have e-signature already fully integrated. We’ll help you collect data electronically and automatically update information in CaseLoad – eliminating the need to rekey data. Everything stays legal and visible with a complete audit trail.

If you want to learn more about CaseLoad, Signable e-signature and how to build a partnership with Denovo email info@denovobi.com or call us on 0141 331 5290.

You can also download your free ‘Introduction to Signable’ guide by filling in the form below.


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