Law Society of Scotland Approved Supplier

Denovo Business Intelligence has been partnering with legal firms in Scotland for some thirty-five years. George Blair, Managing Director, recognised at the outset that a sound working partnership with the professions governing body The Law Society of Scotland was an essential evolution in the company’s development. We are delighted to continue this close working relationship with our Approved Supplier Status.

Throughout that timeframe legislative changes enforced from Government downwards via The Law Society to the Practicing Lawyer have meant that the onus on the legal firm to be compliant with rules and regulations has continued to be more onerous for all concerned. The myriad of legislative paperwork and client checks is extremely time consuming but is now essential before a firm can even take on a case for a client.

George said; “At Denovo we see this strategic partnership as an ongoing exchange of ideas that lead to smart software development that automates the key legislative areas making life easier for the legal firm in the process of onboarding new clients and cases. Furthermore, we see these automated processes form part of the relationship between the firm and the Law Society leading to a speedy and effective checking process for the auditors in establishing the key information that predetermines that all necessary checks are compliant and in place. In other words, KPi’s that deliver for both parties.

The Approved Supplier status shows a commitment from Denovo and The Law Society that we are both working towards a common goal in helping legal firms to be able to be law society compliant on a daily basis and help minimise the workload in getting there."

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