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Legal Time Recording Software for UK Law Firms

Choosing Time Recording Software for your law firm

You can make your ‘Time Matter’ with CaseLoad, enabling an accurate record of time spent on any client matter, whether it is in the form of a client meeting, telephone call, perusal of document precognition, a document produced, emails sent or received or any other chargeable activities. Recording your time has never been simpler, with time entry options available across events and email management. You can then view time recording analysis to see what has been billed by fee earners.

Time Recording

Easy to track time recording available across the application

time recording

Time Matters

View time spent by fee earner

time recording

Caseload Time Recording

Time Recording in CaseLoad will not only help you to calculate time spent on specific tasks or a whole project, it also makes the invoicing and billing process easy. Regardless of how the solicitor bills clients, hourly or flat rates, the workflow is automated to track working hours, create invoices and generate reports.

Whether you’re producing a letter, having a meeting or sending an email, time capture becomes second nature when you have a system that works. CaseLoad Time Recording is a dynamic, streamlined system that simply delivers.

Lots of software providers can help you Time Record, but CaseLoad has added benefits for any size of firm - from Sole Practioners to Commercial Firms, Legal Aid to Private Client…Time Matters, no matter what size of firm you are.

Benefits of Private Client and Legal Aid Time Recording/Feeing

  • Customised Fee Structures to deliver what you want
  • Flat Rate or Sliding Scale fees to suit all staff levels and roles
  • Variable Work In Progress (WIP) limits per case
  • Visuals showing where you are within, approaching or exceeding limits (indicators for Interim billing)
  • Highlighting where your time overlaps
  • Branded Fee Notes
  • Legal Aid Fee Table configuration
  • Include Outlays in your WIP figure to give ‘true’ expenditure per case

Accurate Feeing

Charge time accurately with a fixed rate for a document and the charge basis can even consider the size of the document. Additionally, further layers of intelligence can be added to this information that can consider differing rates for a fee earner such as a Partner, Assistant, Para-legal or secretary. The software will then apply the appropriate charge-out rate depending on the type of work.

Time Charges can then be applied to enable the firm to create fees/bills that are accurate and reflect the actual work carried out on behalf of the client, which can then be automatically presented to the Caseload Fee/Billing Production system. This will enable the firm to automatically create accurate billing when presented to the client.

I don’t have time to record my time

Caseload Time Capture is extensively used by many British Legal firms. By implementing this software the firm can gain access to critical business intelligence such as “Work In Progress”, now required to be reported on each year by HMRC. Additionally, capturing accurate Time charges will enable the legal practice to establish work types that are more profitable than others and areas of business that perhaps cost the firm money. “I don’t have the time to record my time”, a well-worn cliché regularly used in private practice. The requirement for better business intelligence within all busy Legal Firms, large or small, not to mention a desire to increase fee billing where appropriate is a must for every firm today. Recording an additional sixteen minutes extra per Fee Earner per day, will add substantially to the overall profitability of a firm.

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